Wednesday 24 November 2010

Review: Telekinesis + Tar... Feathers

It has started to snow. Last night. Seriously. And maybe the cold East wind and the start of the yuck season kept people in their heated homes. Lovelite wasn't as filled as I would have thought given all the media attention that Telekinesis have attracted in recent months. But we did have a decent audience, enough to have a jig and, at least in part, up for it.

My great hopes for this live gig were unforunately not met. I love the recordings played on the radio, Cody Votolato has joined the band (the Blood Brothers being one of my favourite bands of all time) and the radio interview on MotorFM in the afternoon made me really look forward to the evening. And it was nice. Nice American college rock. Not as pop as on record but not rocking enough to surprise. The songwriting skills and experience of this nice Seattle trio just didn't transport live. Telekinesis were sweet, and the audience enjoyed it, but it's not an event I will remember for a long time.

Maybe the choice of opening band didn't help. I'm a great admirer of Tar... Feathers, a Swedish three-piece that partly resides in Berlin. Musically definitely rooted in 80s and 90s guitar music, but with a constant bass drum beat, it's their ability to push a song just that little bit further the longer they play it. With that I mean, their songs are fairly long but still hold your attention, instrumented with a guitar, a bass guitar, half a drum set and an iPod, as well as a nice medium high voice. Over the past three years, I have watched them perform three times, and I guess last night was the least strong of those performances, but it was still wonderful to see them play. They usually feed a lot on the audience and if you can, check them out next time they perform.

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