Thursday 4 November 2010

Review: No Age & Abe Vigoda

After I had bought my ticket 2 weeks ahead I was getting sufficiently excited about this evening. Deserved. This was nice - no positive surprise, just exactly what I expected and wanted.

Unfortunately, I was a bit late and missed half of Abe Vigoda's set. Their sound was a lot slower and deeper than I remembered them and less up beat. But they were solid and convincing, post rock as we appreciate it.

No Age quote Jawbreaker, The Ramones and Black Flag among their influences and came onstage with a Crass T-Shirt on. The band is being handled as Indie Stars but really, they play early 90s punk rock and convey the feeling so well. They rock, they charm and at the same time they are obviously just regular guys who like to play music. The audience supported the band, the band fed off this and some teenagers were pogo dancing. The ingredients for a fun night.

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