Sunday 14 November 2010

Preview: the upcoming week (15th to 19st Nov)

OMG! What a week ahead. I've been knowing this for months but now that I am listing it all into one post - oh boy! For obvious reasons I will keep it as short as possible. I'm also only previewing the week up to Friday. Then I'll do a City Slang Fest special in a separate post and start next week with Sunday. Let's dance and go wild this week!!

Crystal Castles at C-Club: Canadian bloke and girl who are in love with their old Atari computer, Atari Teenage Riot and Health. Very danceable with a punky edge. Support by Male Bonding. Sold-out by the way.
Villagers at Festsaal Kreuzberg: Very beautiful singer-songwriter material from Ireland. On Domino. Highly recommended! Check out the video I posted recently.

Nina Nastasia at nbi: A real woman. A husky voice. Singer-songwriter of the good variety.

The Hundred In The Hands at Berghain: Disco pop from New York. May appeal to those who went to Crystal Castles on Monday. But beware: no punky edge here.
Wild Nothing and Jeremy Jay at Marie-Antoinette: Beautiful indie-pop that makes you sway and may have done so last time they were over and played Bang Bang Club. A very current Brooklyn sound if you know what I mean. Jeremy Jay is pop that reminds me of Bowie in the 80s. Go to this gig and be early. You will not regret it.
The School at Bang Bang Club: A Welsh chanteuse with pop tunes that will whoo fans of Belle And Sebastian for sure!
Death Sentance: Panda! and Bronze at Chez Jacki: Experimental Noise and psychedelic/ambient sounds and very worth your attendance, too.

Thursday is mad.
Les Savy Fav (US) and Sky Larkin (UK) and Cloud Nothings (US) at Festsaal Kreuzberg: A post-HC indie rock fiesta. This gig has been talk of the town for months. You should go to this if you are yet undecided on which of the 5 gigs to attend tonight.
Los Explosivos at White Trash Fast Food: Old school rock'n'roll garage punk rock from Mexico. Grease that hair and check out what the kids in Mexico are up to!
Vampire Weekend at Astra Kulturhaus: For fans of Paul Simon's Graceland album, university pop or just for those who fancy Ezra Koenig. I happen to have a spare ticket for this one, so leave a comment on this blog post and I may take you along.
Rival Schools and
Wavves at Lido: Walter Schreifels' long-term project that sounds nothing like Gorilla Biscuits or Quicksand, or his solo pursuits for that matter, but you can tell the roots anyway. Oddly, Wavves have been added to the bill (and will no longer perform at Comet Club). Wavves rock my world everytime I see them live, so this might be worth it for their performance alone.
Prince Rama at Marie-Antoinette: Highly anticipated gig by this Brooklyn based group. Psychedelic sounds of the highest order. But what did you expect from a band from Brooklyn with this name?

!!! at Festsaal Kreuzberg: I used to be crazy about this band. Dance music played with instruments traditionally used in rock music. Amazing. Then, last time they played in Berlin I was so disappointed by their performance that I actually left early. I like to think that they had a bad night and that this time they will amaze everyone they way they used to.
Civil Civic at Magnet: Indie-pop with fuzzy guitars, danceable tunes, no vocals. Mid-nineties style. I've got great hope for this duo from London. You should probably go see them this time round before they are hyped even more. BTW, they are playing with another couple of bands, Theophilus London and Panda People, the former performs chilled out hip hop from Brooklyn, the latter are from Erlangen and play disco pop at its digestible. A very mixed evening at Magnet.

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