Tuesday 3 September 2013

What's in store for 2013 pt. 3

I have started to enter the first dates for 2014 into our calendar, which lead me to realise that I hadn't given you a "what's in store" for some time. Here are the gigs on my personal radar for the remainder of this year.

Date Palms - Super mellow, extremely psychedelic music with an interesting set of instruments. Special and rare in Berlin.
Crocodiles - A firm long-term favourite of mine, they are finally touring with new material. Hooray!
A Place To Bury Strangers - Not to everyone's taste, I absolutely adore APTBS for their darkness that is so catchy, too.
Tropic of Cancer - Wave music and dark vocals, dancable. They cover Soft Cell - you get the idea. Clearly my kinda music.
Cayucas - Ever since this Californian project was The Guardian's Band of the Day, I have waited for a European tour. Finally playing in Berlin, you get to enjoy Cayucas on two separate nights this month.

Fuck Buttons - British and successful, I still have a soft spot for Fuck Buttons as if they were still an insider tip. Dance the night away.
Japanther - Consistently pre- and reviewed on The Craze, you will most likely meet us there yet again.
MGMT - The first and more commercial album is being played in my household to this day. The second and weird album could never quite cut it - and this from someone who likes a weird sound here and there. Excited to hear the new material for their third album being showcased.
Iceage - Oh my, I may have to camp outside West Germany the night before in order to make it into this exclusive show, but hey, I like a challenge. 
Wire - Read my review from their appearance at Tresor two years ago. Well worth it.
Deerhunter - Was this ever going to happen? Apparently yes. Now at C-Club, you are in with a chance to come along with the whole of the Craze team to our group meeting this autumn.
No Age - Have I been waiting for this one! You have no idea. It's been too long! Read my review from ages ago.
Austra - Do they live in Berlin?! No they don't but they may as well. Two nights at Heimathafen this time. Meet us there!

Warpaint - Another long-awaited gig for me and possibly my personal numero uno this autumn. Yum yum yum!!
Lee Ranaldo - Yes, he's played in Berlin not that long ago, I know, whatever. I missed it last time, so I appreciate Mr. Ranaldo's generosity in giving me a second chance.
Crystal Stilts - Finally! One of my favourites from a few years back, it's been quiet around the Stilts. It's like meeting an old friend and it's walking distance from my house. I'll be there.
Jacco Gardner - Not only do I love his voice, but with autumn approaching I absolutely crave the dreamy 60s influenced indie pop pearls of Jacco Gardner. Cannot miss this one.

Hailu Mergia - Tape DJ Awesome Tapes from Africa blew everyone's mind at Torstraßen Festival. Hailu Mergia is one of the artists on the Awesome Tapes from Africa label and therefore a special recommendation. 70s African funk live in the living room of Monarch - you lucky people of Berlin!

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