Monday 30 September 2013

Preview: the week ahead (30th Sep - 06th Oct)

I cannot believe how quickly the autumn is wrapping up. Gary and I were discussing April travel plans yesterday while on the Autobahn and I thought “Brother, where is 2013 heading so fast?” In my life, it’s been an eventful year so far, but in terms of fun, things have been rather dull. We don’t know about you lot, but J. and I were wondering whether we are still talking about a summer lull aftermath or whether things have just gotten that little bit more boring in big B. Where are the post-gig dance parties into the early hours? Anyhow, here is the attempted party program for the week ahead.

Tunng and Pinkunoizu at Lido: British neo folk group Tunng are suprisingly poppy for a Thrill Jockey band. The quirkiness and artistic element is there though, no doubt. A sweet pop evening at Lido.

Black Pus and NMO at Urban Spree: Black Pus is the solo project of Brian Chippendale, the drummer of Lightning Bolt. His solo stuff sounds pretty much alike and since we are big Lightning Bolt fans this has pretty much gig of the week potential. Support will be NMO, a project of Norwegian and Spanish musicians including the former drummer of MoHa! Their music sounds like a rhythmic experimental marching band and makes this evening even more interesting.
Fuck Buttons, Forrests, and Zan Lyons at Berghain: In-your-face commercial electronica clash and as thus maybe not preview-worthy. But brother, I like myself some Fuck Buttons to dance to. And they are dashing, too. Zan Lyons has played in Berlin before, convincingly, and Forrests are making waves of their own. So watch me jig.
Die Nerven and P.U.F.F. at West Germany: Die Nerven play an edgy and nervous kind of indie punk with German vocals. They sound not unlike their label mates Messer or other bands in that vein. P.U.F.F. from Berlin play something probably best described as a mix of Deutschpunk and early New Wave/Neue Deutsche Welle music and they’re definitely worth a listen.

Japanther and Fluffers at Schokoladen: I’m pretty sure you’re all familiar with Japanther’s lo-fi garage punk. They’re a bass and drums duo from New York and they’ll definitely turn Schokoladen into a sweaty dance party place this night. Fluffers are a new Berlin band, consisting of members of Diät, Adults, Modern Pets, Blank Pages, P.U.F.F. and Love Triangle. They claim“to play music, not genres” so decide for yourself if you like it.

Jungle World Party at bei Ruth with Messer, Amigo Tropical, and PetethePirateSquid: Kreuzberg based magazine Jungle World is celebrating the release of their annual special edition, this year’s theme is Hungary. For this reason they invited some nice bands and some DJs. We already mentioned Messer a couple of times here and PetethePirateSquid are also no strangers. Amigo Tropical are another noise rock bass and drums duo, which you should definitely check out if you don’t know
already them. We expect this is going to be quite a party - good thing the next day is a bank holiday.

MGMT at Astra: I am intrigued as to the new MGMT sound and whether this duo can still cut it. Oracular Spectacular is still played regularly at my house. I might check this gig out.

Oneohtrix Point Never, Ital, Stellar OM Source, Lorenzo Senni, Moon Wheel, and Kobosil at Berghain: This is going to be the eighth edition of the CTM and Berghain presented series Polymorphism and it’s a must see if you are anyhow interested in experimental “electronic” music in the widest sense. From more ambient and drone based acts to danceable DJ performances, this is a pretty manifold line-up and Berghain is probably the perfect setting for a night like this.

Zola Jesus at HAU1: Somehow it got a bit quiet about Zola Jesus in the last time so I was a bit surprised when she released a newish record this year. It’s not a record of entirely new songs but one called Versions, consisting of newly recorded re-arranged versions of some of her existing songs. They sound more classical and chamber music like than the beat-oriented 80s influenced music she did before.

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