Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Preview: the week ahead (16th - 22nd Sep)

It’s been a few days, oh brother. I cannot remember this much went wrong in such a short space of time. So there, I am looking forward to the future week with hopes of more fun and less pain-in-the-backside. Here is the (super late) preview.

Date Palms and Man Forever at Monarch: Gig of the week. Man Forever is the "solo project" of John Colpitts aka. Kid Millions who, besides playing at Monarch this Wednesday, is also the drummer for Oneida. We reviewed his last show at West Germany and there is no doubt that this show will be worth a visit as well. Especially since Date Palms, a drony and dreamy ambient/postrock band on Thrill Jockey, are playing too.

Staer, Martin Rokis, and Horacio Pollard at NK: Staer are great! They are common visitors in Berlin and their heavy, frantic, and jazzy noise rock seems to work in a variety of venues throughout the city. This time they’ll be performing at NK together with Martin Rokis, who plays something completely different - experimental noise with lots of field recordings and found sounds - and Horacio Pollard, who plays very industrial and heavy noise music. If you’re into Skin Graft records or bands like Lightning Bolt, Daughters, Batalj and the like, make sure to check out Staer!

Turner Cody and Black Yaya (aka David Herman Dune) at Monarch: Extraordinary songwriter evening at Monarch that you may not want to miss. The rain drumming outside, the guitars strumming inside.
Crocodiles at Privatclub: The one and only, well-documented Crocodiles finally return to Berlin, new material in tow. Alright!


Kaput Krauts, Amen 81, Inner Conflict, and Mad Minority at K9: If you’re up for an evening between political Deutschpunk, Hardcore and Crust, there’s no reason not to head over to K9 on Saturday.

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