Sunday 22 September 2013

Preview: the week ahead (23rd - 29th Sep)

Chocker chocker. Autumn has established itself in full swing, and so has the prime gig season. A full preview for you on this fine evening.

A Place To Bury Strangers at Lido: I do love APTBS’s wavey, at times noisey, post-rock wtih a dark edge. It’s radio-compatible and it’s not new, but it’s incredibly good and my kind of music.

Highasakite and Cayucas at Privatclub: Highasakite were not really on my radar until this gig was announced. The sound is that little bit too digestible for me, the voice a little bit too sweet. However, I think this could be rather good live and thus it makes the preview. As an added bonus, I am still of the hope that Cayucas will play. Sadly, they have cancelled their Wednesday headline gig, so if this one is still happening then I must venture to Privatclub on Tuesday to grab my only chance of seeing Cayucas, a band whose Berlin performance I have been waiting for for some time.
Tropic Of Cancer and DVA Damas at Berghain: Tropic Of Cancer is a band à la mode. Sound, look, PR - it’s as hip as it gets. They also play their slowish wave very well and I advice you to go and check them out. Not only will you be part of the in-crowd, you may also enjoy this rather good artistic project.

SchnAAk and the Rundu Choir, Nick Millevoi & Dead Neanderthals at NK: J. has written about SchnAAk on The Craze often enough that you should be familiar with them by now. Head on over to NK and enjoy.
Balmorhea at Urban Spree: Extremely pretty instrumental music - perfect for some daydreaming or, in this case, for a Wednesday night with a lemonade in hand.
Ed Schrader's Music Beat and Maybecyborgs at Schokoladen: I’m excited about this one. Minimal punk with a beat. My gig of the week. Be early and all as it’s Schokoladen.

Oum Shatt at Monarch: With a nice 60s guitar sound and looks to match, Oum Shatt will transport you back in time while showing you what the here and now is capable of this Thursday. Très cool. Be there.

Temples and Ruen Brothers at Lido: Speaking of a 60s sound… Temples just sound so much like The Monkees finest tunes with a psychedelic edge, it is hard to believe this band is actually a current project. But it is. Pretty impressive and good fun.

Geneva Jacuzzi, Sky Needle und Mad Nanna at Urban Spree: 80s, Geneva Jacuzzi clearly loves the 80s. If you do too, Saturday night at Urban Spree is going to be thee place for you to be. Ms Jacuzzi is a real dance gem.
No Bra, Hush Hush, and Seabourne at Südblock: No Bra, aka East London’s Susanne Oberbeck, creates the kind of irresistable music you just cannot escape and you love without being able to point your finger on it. This is because it’s very hard to categorise but you could loosely call it industrial electronica, though you may want to point towards the fact that it is very digestible and dancable. Hush Hush has been praised on The Craze before. Watch out for our competition we are running for this gig soon.

Anna Calvi at Heimathafen: I don’t know why I even bother adding this to the preview, chances are this is sold out. It just felt right to feature Anna Calvi’s gig, even if it’s not going to happen for you and I. I bet it will be pretty special.


  1. Thanks for mentioning the Tropic Of Cancer show. But it's at Berghain, not Urban Spree.
    Kind regards,

  2. Thank you for letting us know. I have changed the details in the preview and the calendar. :)