Wednesday 25 September 2013

Competition: No Bra + Hush Hush

As announced, here is our competition for this Saturday's fantastic No Bra + Hush Hush + Seabourne show. We are giving away 2 x 2 tickets. Send a mail to win at thecraze dot de and tell us you favourite band or song referring to an item of clothing. Do this by the end of this Friday, 27 September. Then hang out with us at Südblock on Saturday, dancing the night away. It's going to be one of those forever-talked-about nights I reckon. Yeah baby!

PS: Just to explain to you why we always insist on you wrecking your brains in order to win something, like name a favourite this or that. The reason is the way we choose the winner: I collect all the answers, then I send them to the boys. Each one of them gets a vote and the winner wins. This way, if a friend wins, it's not a big deal. The person was not chosen because the person is a friend. It's just our way of guaranteeing fairness. Yes, I know I could just draw the names out of a hat and that would be fair, too. But it would also be boring.

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