Monday 4 March 2013

Review: Fabulous Diamonds

Fabulous Diamonds' show at Monarch is already more than two weeks old and I absolutely forgot to tell you about it. But before I tell you all about it, I have to go back in time - in fact a couple of years back.

Ages ago, I spent some months in Melbourne and fell completely in love with this gorgeous city. Not only their Aussie laid-backness, more this strange resemblance to Berlin. I drunk in their vital and versatile music scene and have been addicted ever since. Seeing Mt. Eerie in a small gallery venue in Brunswick with a strolling cat will be always in my mind, but that's a totally different story.

Back in Berlin, I swore to myself never to miss an Australian band here. I probably did, but also saw countless performances from bands like Grey Daturas, My Disco, Total Control, Lakes and Pikelet and, let's not forget, Grand Salvo to name only a few. When I read Melbourne duo Fabulous Diamonds are coming over to Europe and planing to play Berlin I was instantly psyched. I'm a big fan since I saw them opening for PVT back then and their albums are all the time on my record player (and the first two album covers are the most intriguing ones I've ever seen).

Planned as a Sunday matinee show, Nisa Venerosa and Jarrod Zlatic started late without an opening act with a tiring sound check / intro. But wait, maybe I should tell you before what kind of music they play. Hmm, it's not as simple as it's supposed to be. Well, Nisa plays drums and sings while Jarrod plays vintage keyboards, synthesizers and tons of effects, which accumulates into a psychedelic, krauty and sometimes very dubby pop sketch not unlike Peaking Lights, but in a way totally different.

When they finally found their sound this past Sunday the audience fell into an immediate bliss which wasn't very difficult with the repetitive drums, out-of-space keys and delayed vocals even though she sang just a lot of Ohs and Ahs. I really enjoyed their longer jams which unfortunately broke up mostly too abruptly. Nevertheless a super tripped and far-out band and the perfect way to spent a cold Sunday evening and another highlight on my imaginary Melbourne-Berlin list.  

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