Sunday, 10 March 2013

Preview - the week ahead (11th Mar - 17th Mar)

You remember last week when I wrote something about the weather? Well for obvious reasons I feel the urge to do it again... Nonetheless, this week has some really nice shows to offer. Lots of them are rather small shows in rather small venues. Shows like that and the musical variety they offer are some of the reasons why Berlin's live music scene is that great. Now if only the weather... yeah well...

King Rocko Schamoni at Festsaal Kreuzberg: Probably best known as a member of die Goldenen Zitronen but also as a writer, theater director and actor and also as a member of Studio Braun, Rocko Schamoni just released a solo record and is now on tour presenting it with a variety of guest musicians. If you liked the last records of his band, you’ll also like this! Think of a quirky mash of punk and electro pop combined with clever and witty lyrics.

Yo La Tengo at Volksbühne: Yo La Tengo are one of these bands that you can’t possibly not like. They’ve been around for nearly 30 years now and have released a decent amount of records on their own and collaborated with amazing musicians and artists. Them playing at Volksbühne almost makes this a must-see show!

Lee Noble and Duchamp at Loophole: Lee Noble from LA plays dreamy and drony experimental lo-fi tunes. He sounds not unlike Grouper with male vocals. I like!

U.V. POP at Mme Claude: Another 80s band that has been around for quite some time and “reunited” after a hiatus to now play shows again. Sometimes they sound like a lo-fi and darker version of Fad Gadget and sometimes like a new wave influenced indie rock band, I guess at Mme Claude you could expect something less ‘rock’ and something more experimental.

Holy, Citizens Patrol and The Shining at Tiefgrund: An illustrious gathering of bands playing music from powerviolence to 80s influenced hardcore punk. Tiefgrund may be the nicest location for these sorts of shows, so if you’re in the mood for some heavy tunes there’s no reason to miss this. The show starts at 9pm on time!

Carlos Bica and Kalle Kalima at Altes Finanzamt: Altes Finanzamt always has neat small experimental shows. Most of the time it’s musically somwhere in the free-jazz/Echtzeitmusik/Neue Musik range and this one is no exception to that. Portuguese double bass player Carlos Bica teams up with Kalle Kalima, a guitar player from Finland. They’ll be performing as a duo that night.

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