Sunday 3 March 2013

Preview - the week ahead (4th Mar - 10th Mar)

Without wanting to write about the weather getting better, I just have to point out how good it feels that the weather is actually getting better. We tried to pick out a few shows worth visiting for the upcoming week. Furthermore, a quick look at our calendar reveals so much awesome stuff coming up in the next weeks that it's slowly beginning to feel like winter is finally over. Of course it's also just really great that the weather...

Publicist at Urban Spree: Although we seldomly feature electronic house music here, Publicist might be worth a closer look. He used to play in bands like Trans Am and Weird War and his live shows are not the typical ‘guy behind macbook’ style but much more fun to watch and to get dancy to. Check out this video to get an impression:

This too is somewhat different to the kind of events you’d probably expect from a live music blog, but nonetheless: Morus 14 is showing a monthly silent movie with live music accompaniment, this Wednesday they show Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari from Robert Wiene. A movie that’s really worth watching, see their website for more info.

Frida Hyvönen at Monarch: Nice and rare chance to see Fridy Hyvönen in such a small and cozy venue like Monarch. She is presenting her newest record and you can sign up for a free guest-list to the show on this facebook event page.

P.U.F.F. and Diät at West-Germany: For the start of their shared tour, P.U.F.F. and Diät play at West-Germany. Both bands are from Berlin, we already mentioned them here and there, so if you’re into snotty NDW Deutschpunk and wavy post-punk influenced music, this is your gig to be at.

Messer and Trümmer at Comet Club: Spex is celebrating their Monsters of Spex tour with a package of Messer, Trümmer and a Zucker DJ Set. We already mentioned Messer a couple of times. Trümmer sound a bit different and combine kind of heavy rock parts with mellow indie melodies. We missed them when they supported Dinosaur Jr. last week so I have no idea if they're any good live. 

Jozef van Wissem at Haus Ungarn (ex-hbc): This sounds pretty interesting. Jozef van Wissem composes minimalistic tunes on a lute. He is probably best known for his more experimental collaborations with movie director Jim Jarmush but he also recorded with bands like United Bible Studies. Watch the video below for a nice mix of unsettling video and very experimental drone noise music.

Motorama an Ej Bekot at about:blank: Visit about:blank on Friday for an evening of fluffy indie tunes from Motorama and some more quirky and experimental indie tunes from Ej Bekot, whom you definitely should give a try. They have quite a unique way of combining unconventional song structures with catchy melodies.

Woodpidgeon at Privatclub: If you like singer songwriter indie music, give Woodpidgeon a listen. They sound like a mixture of Sufjan Stevens and Belle and Sebastian, which makes their music not really something completely special or individual, but at the same time also not really bad.

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