Tuesday 26 March 2013

Preview - the week ahead (25th Mar - 31st Mar)

Okay, we've never been that late, sorry... There's also not that much going on this week but have a look for yourselves.

The Kurws, 29.90, Målgrupp and Back at Sea at XB-Liebig: An interesting muesli of music at XB-Liebig. I’m actually mentioning this because the Kurws are awesome! I saw them live at bei Roy last year and they play a totally intriguing mix of noisy punk and jazzy music, think of something like the Flying Luttenbachers. There’s also a Vokü and the entry will be donation based.

Adam Green & Binki Shapiro at Lido: On his own, for me, Adam Green has never lived up to the hype. However, since teaming up with Binki Shapiro, this has become a quintessential Sunday morning soundtrack. Borrowing from Lee Hazelwood and Serge Gainsbourg, the songs are well-crafted pop pearls that let you stare out the window while forgetting time such a concept as time exists. Beautiful.

Dead Prez at Festsaal Kreuzberg: Political old school hip hop at it's best. 

Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds and Fredovitch & His One Man Band at White Trash Fast Food: A garage rock extravaganza of the special kind.

Mnmtns, Axes and Withers at Tiefgrund: Three bands and three different styles of hardcore. Whether you’re into post, doom or chaotic hardcore, there’s something in here for you. Mnmnts and Withers are both on Berlin’s Adagio830 records, so you may know what to expect.

Toyotas, Overpower and Whack&Wasted at Kastanienkeller: A nice evening of different punk styles plus a dancy after show party. Sounds right for Saturday.

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