Monday, 6 August 2012

Quick review: Make Out!

There was me giving high praise to this group not so long ago (or so it feels) and here I was attending their last ever show. In flux. 

Musically, while Make Out! are obviously influenced by girl punk groups like Mika Miko and Erase Errata, their percussionist, a member of the amazing PTTRNS (see review), adds that something to it that gives this group a distinct post-punk vibe and rhythmic edge and reminds me of one of my all-time favourites: Numbers. And who wouldn't want a local Numbers?

The show was fun, as last gigs tend to be: a packed room, confetti, a stage-diving singer, a lot of dancing and shouting - just some deserved mayhem.

So, sad that this group are no more, I have great hope for the future of the individual members and I am sure glad I did attend this last ever show. May the reunion happen soon.

PS: J. has found this flickr link for some really good pictures someone took at the gig.

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