Monday, 20 August 2012

Preview: the week ahead (20 - 26th Aug)

Another rather slow week, summer hole apparently now arrived at full impact and I'm definitely spending some good amount of time at a nearby lake or in some swimming pool. But then again there are some pretty interesting shows taking place, so here's another small preview for the upcoming seven days.

Aidan Baker at Mme Claude: Although Aidan Baker plays pretty often in Berlin, this is a nice chance to see him in a small and cozy venue. You might want to take it if you're up to some drony post metal guitar music.

JEFF the Brotherhood at White Trash: C*s hopes to see JEFF The Brotherhood again soon in a more appropriate setting sadly have to go unfulfilled, as they play at White Trash again. After C*s experiences from their last gig there you might wonder why they even want to play the same venue again.

Terror Bird, Molly Nillson and DJ Marcelle at bei Roy: this is going to be a pretty good mix between two heavily 80s influenced synthi pop bands/musicians and one of the best DJs I've ever seen performing. Definite party and dance guarantee for this Friday bei Roy show!

Messer and Trümmer at Monarch: Messer are being hyped an awful lot right now. They play something like clever poppy punk with german lyrics. Of course that's not new, but then again what else is? I've heard they're good live as often as I heard they suck, so why not check it out first hand?

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