Saturday 11 August 2012

Preview: the week ahead (13 - 19th Aug)

This must be a record low: we have exactly four live music events in our calendar for the coming week. Any additions by pro-active readers are welcome.

Jonathan Richman at Festsaal: The most amazing folk singer-songwriter and comic genius that is sure to make you smile is coming to Kreuzberg and I will be there, laughing and dancing. And when he sings how he most fancies his wife in everyday T-Shirts and cut-off shorts, you might see me storm the stage trying to steal a kiss. It was so mighty hard to choose which video to show you but rather than choosing a current representative one (and they're all amazing, too, believe me) I am going with this really old number because I like a bit of black and white. Do check out his footage from the Conan O'Brian show from the mid 90s. I watch that stuff whenever I feel down. It just cheers you up so much.

Embryo and Masters of Africa at Monarch: A mix between krautrock and world music, Embryo have been around since the late 60s. So how amazing will it be to see them perform at our small living room that is Monarch?

Man Meets Bear and William Kudahl Sorensen at Antje Öklesund: Man Meets Bear is another one of those "one man in his bedroom" kinda projects and there is a reason why he is being championed by Dirty Beaches, among others. This is really good folk music mixed with experimental ambient and drone sounds, albeit surprisingly accessible. Head over to Antje on Saturday.

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  1. there's martial canterel & tobias bernstrup playing at king kong klub on thursday: