Sunday, 8 January 2012

Preview: the week ahead (9th - 15th Jan)

Most likely, you won't be seeing us going out this week. The weather is off-putting and the calendar not inspiring enough to get us out the house. But if you feel the urge, there are a few things you may do if you feel so inclined:

Pierce Warnecke and Andreas Stoiber at Madame Claude: You like Max Tundra? Go to this. You'll love it. Electronic dancy, slightly wacky tunes from this Berlin based artist.

Eli Natali & The Moustaches and The Dropout Patrol at Monster Ronson's: I like the Spiel that's published on about Eli Natali: "singer-song writer recording artist, Stella Veloce, an electric cello player and composer, and the drummer Elisa Abela (also guitar player with Joey Lally from the notorious band Fugazi)" Sounds good, ja? The Berlin-based Dropout Patrol is supporting.

Cymbals Eat Guitars and Yesterday Shop at Privat Club: Indie rock, easily digestible, non-offensive, good-mood guarantor, for the post-emo kids.
Warren Suicide, Oval and String Theory at Volksbühne: Probably gig of the week, for Oval alone, master of electronic soundscapes. A real treat at the start of the year. Warren Suicide, who are hosting this evening, should be known to most of you - electro clash of the finest variety. This is an evening worth attending, if you can get a ticket.

J. put Marc Almond in the calendar and I find that so highly amusing that I am featuring him in the preview right now. Mr Almond is a legend and a dance music queen. We admire him so. Go dancing wild and go see Marc Almond at Huxley's on Sunday. Yay!

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