Sunday, 29 January 2012

Preview: the week ahead (30th Jan - 5th Feb)

In case you were wondering about this curious white stuff outside: Winter has finally arrived. Maybe we should all have gone to California for some weeks... But there's this Club Transmediale/ Transmediale thing going on this week and there is going to be a bunch of stuff really worth watching. You should have a look at the whole program here and I also put some things I thought worth mentioning in the preview as well (check the links to the CTM description pages). There's also some more things going on besides CTM, I guess you won't be bored this week...

Kylesa, Circle Takes The Square, Ken Mode at Magnet: case you need something more in your face before the artsy rest of the week starts. I was also surprised to learn that Circle Takes The Square still exists, I don't like their newer stuff but I guess if you are/were a fan you could take your chance to see them (again).
ctm: Conrad Schnitzler (piano works) at HAU2 (free entry)

ctm: Conrad Schnitzler (Cassette Concert conducted by Wolfgang Seidel) + Borngräber & Strüver 

ctm: Koehn + Qluster at HAU2 (yep it's the Krautrock Cluster)
This is a boy's club at Café Stage (Haus der Kulturen der Welt): this is an experimental project involving unusual sounds and sources like contact microphones on a typewriter and EEG brainwave recordings. It's worth a visit!

The Men at West Germany: Now this is going to be good. I hope it gets some attention besides the ctm overflow. The Men from New York play a noisy and raw mix between post punk and post hardcore. Check out the video, I think they'll be fun! There's apparently no support band but there will be screenings from Network Awesome and some DJing before and afterwards.
Ludger at about:blank: it's like poppy and sophisticated Deutschpunk from people who used to play Deutschpunk, then did something different and now want to play Deutschpunk again. sounds good.

ctm: Iamthatiam, Stellar OM Source, Heatsick, Ital + DJs at Berghain Kantine

Obstacles and Town Portal at Schokoladen: It's like instrumental evening at Schokoladen, two bands and no vocals. Obstacles play edgy and raw music, tight rhythms meet nervous beats. If you're into bands like Maserati you'll like this. Town Portal don't sound all that different, it's probably a bit more rocky. Remember: show starts at 8pm sharp!
ctm: The Joshua Light Show + Oneohtrix Point Never at HKW

ctm: Grouper + Jeffre Cantu-Ledesma at HAU2: this is interesting. Grouper and Jeffre Cantu-Ledesma collaborate and do a seven hour (!) non-stop sound environment performance. Could be either totally overstraining or pretty good. I saw Grouper when she played in Berlin in 2009 and she was awesome. So I'm certainly not going to miss this one.

ctm: Shrubbn!! & Transformia, Christian Vogel, Oval + DJs at HBC (matinee show!)

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  1. Tuesday, 31st of January:
    Dead Swans (Brighton, UK / Bridge 9 Records)
    Horror Show (Philadelphia, US / Deathwish Inc.)
    Calm The Fire (Gdyna, PL / No Sanctuary)
    From This Day On (Berlin / Heads Down Records)
    @ Magnet Club; Doors: 7pm;

    If you like Hardcore you should consider attending this gig.