Monday, 2 January 2012

Preview: the week ahead (2nd - 8th Jan)

Did you all have a good start to the new year? We spent our evening in the warzone that is Neukölln, dodging fireworks and gunfire and dancing late into the early hours. Here is what to do if the party urge is still within you.

Paula & Karol and Coldair at Madame Claude: Polish night at Madame Claude. Paula & Karol play sweet acoustic guitar pop that will appeal to the twee crowd, but also those who like singer-songwriter kind of tunes. And true enough, Coldair does just that.

Messer and Ecke Schönhauser at K19: Messer play noisy but poppy punk. Ecke Schönhauser are from Berlin and play something that strongly reminds me of early Blumfeld and I really like early Blumfeld! Could be a nice way to spend a Wednesday evening.

Paula & Karol and S ND Y P RL RS at Schokoladen: Another chance to catch Paula & Karol if you missed them on Tuesday.

Woodpigeon, Sawoff Shotgun and S.c.u.m at HAU2: The Queer Beats Festival is taking residence at HAU for the second time. The first nights features folk music from Woodpigeon, theatrical noise pop from the sisters in Sawoff Shotgun and electro guitar dance pop from S.c.u.m. A nice mix indeed.
The Saddest Landscape, We Were Skeletons and The Tidal Sleep at Lovelite: Noisy screamo HC night at Lovelite. The Saddest Landscape are rhythmic and brutal but also very 90s screamo, if you know what I mean. We were Skeletons are more for the dance-hungry crowd and will get you moving with their spazz rhythms. Tidal Sleep are a bit more post-punk with lyrics that are more spoken than screamed.

Infinite Livez and Wizard Ashdod at Madame Claude: This sounds fun. Infinite Livez = computer game music samples with hip hop vocals from London. Yes, you heard me. Wizard Ashdod = experimental sounds from Israel. 

Veronica Falls, Candelilla, Sizarr and Tubbe at HAU2: The second night of the Queer Beats Festival at HAU. British twee pop from Veronica Falls (see my positive quick review from their last Berlin performance), rhythmic post punk from Candelilla, electro rhythm pop from Sizarr and electro dance music from Tubbe. Something for everyone, yeah?

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