Saturday 3 December 2011

Preview: the week ahead (5th - 11th Dec)

OK, so the week ahead is not the most exciting that this city has seen. But Thurston Moore and Battles should make up for it. And there are a couple of small gems in there, too. If you want a night out, this town is not going to let you down now, is it?

Yximalloo at Madame Claude: If you like absolute chaos, this experimental electronic one-man-project is for you. It's music that got ADS on speed. And puppets. Be prepared.
Fruit Bats and Gold Leaves at Comet Club: To be honest, I'm not too fond of Fruit Bats, your typical college indie band. But Gold Leaves, who do a modern country kind of thing, are sweet and worth your attention. Question is: is it worth forking out the cash for the double bill? If you have no other plans tonight, yes. Gold Leaves should make it worth it, if you like your indie music to be folky and country and if you like long-distance drives on the deserted highways of the mid-west.
Thurston Moore, Carla Bozulich & John Eichenseer Duo at Volksbühne: I ran my Sonic Youth competition for a reason. To me, Sonic Youth have always been the perfect band, one that would live their art, that are likeable and cool at the same time, that would push bounderies and stay accessible. The fact that their break-up is looming makes this c*-girl ever so sad. But don't despair. Because Thurston Moore has been pursuing solo endeavours for some time and those are folky, darkish and good. Worthy support comes from Carla Bozulich. So join us this Monday at Volksbühne to honour one of the great musicians of our time, for the gig of the week, for a real treat.

The Sonics at SO36: I am not that big a fan of seeing old men do what they used to do when they were young. But I'll probably make a difference for The Sonics, just as I did for Jimmy Scott a few years back. Some old men have had so much influence in their youth that they are worth honouring with your attendance in their old age, if you know what I mean.

Battles, The Field and Walls at Postbahnhof: Battles' third appearance in Berlin this year. Read our previous reviews from their gigs at Festsaal and Berlin Festival if you need to know more about these geniuses. Two Kompakt label artists are supporting.

Widowspeak at Monarch: This is going to be sweet I reckon. This lady and her gang play indie, with tuned down guitars and at times a tad folky and even psychedelic. Beautiful voice!

Sir Simon Battle, Björn Kleinhenz and Talking to Turtles at West Germany: Sir Simon Battle is joining German-turned-Scandinavian multi-instrumentalist Björn Kleinhenz for a relaxed musical evening in your favourite living room. See our previous review of SSB's gig at hbc for an impression of one of his gigs.

The Lovely Eggs at Gretchen: A matinee show by the lovely and fun lo-fi Lovely Eggs. See our review from their last performance in Berlin to get an idea of what you can expect. Because Lovely Eggs are playing early, you can then make your way over to Monarch afterwards.
Bare Wires at Monarch: There is a lot of good stuff happening at Monarch at the moment. And with the nice atmosphere and close proximity to our homes, we are not complaining. Bare Wires sound a bit like late 60s Beach Boys at times, like Slade at other times, but just like pure garage rock most of the time, garage rock in the classical sense. These guys are gonna rock hard; I'm excited about this one! Get your red lipsticks and leather jackets out!
The video I have chosen for this one is not their hardest rocking one but rather their poppy number; I just like the video content.

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