Saturday 17 December 2011

Preview: the week ahead (19th - 25th Dec)

It being the Christmas week and all, there isn't much going on around town. You may have guessed. So here are a couple of things worth your attention in the run-up to Christmas. 

Indias Indios at Madame Claude: Experimental music, influenced by ethnic music, but quite out there. Last time this man performed with this solo-project, he supported High Wolf. This should give you an idea. 

Blockflöte des Todes at BKA Theater: Anyone who sings about Fair Trade cocain trade in Berlin or an allergy to girl's hair makes me smile. This is something between singer-songwriter music and comedy, very clever and well worth your Monday night planning. In German lanuage btw. There are several videos I would like to share with you, but just youtube it yourself. Here is the one with my favourite lyrics:

Phantom/Ghost at Flamingo: Anyone who likes Dirk von Lowtzow's slightly ironic lyrics, in German when singing with Tocotronic, but in English in this project, will love Phantom/Ghost, where he is merely accompanied by Thies Mynther on piano. Thus his lyrics really carry weight in this chanson set up. Absolutely mesmerising. I hope there are still tickets available!
William Fitzsimmons at Heimathafen: The maestro of atmospheric singer-songwriting is making a Berlin appearance that is so highly anticipated, Heimathafen had to add a second date. Take that. Should be good.

Chuckamuck at Festsaal: Probably gig of the week. Fun German lo-fi garagy indie rock that will get the room swinging. Yeah baby!

William Fitzsimmons at Heimathafen: This second date was added because of the high demand for the man. If you didn't get your ticket yesterday, today is your chance.
Peter and the Test Tube Babies and Deaf Kennedys at Lido: UK punk veterans PatTTB are making in appearance in Berlin and this girl might just go there. Ever since I heard Blown Out Again on the Birdhouse video The End, I have been hooked on this band. Just believe me, you will dance your little ass off. As an additional bonus: Who doesn't like a good old jig to your favourite classic punk songs? Deaf Kennedys are a fun cover band and maybe exactly what you need to let your hair down in the run-up to Christmas. Extreme fun!

Jonny Freedom at Schokoladen: More comedic songwriter music in German language for you, this time less folky and more chanson-like. And very funny. And really, what else were you going to do on Christmas Even, huh?

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