Thursday 28 July 2011

Review: Aids Wolf + Cotton Ponies

Yes this was good. I wasn't really sure how this will turn out but I didn't leave disappointed after all.
I arrived at a not so filled West Germany and headed straight to the balcony as it was warm already without many people in there. It was a nice night so hanging out outside until Cotton Ponies started to play was quite good.

I haven't listened to Cotton Ponies before and I was positively surprised. They played a very nice instrumental mix between noise rock and edgy no wave stuff like Ex-Models and these kinds of bands. I think they were a more than worthy support and I hope they play Berlin again some time.

After I got some fresh air, Aids Wolf were ready to play. The room was pretty packed by now and I elbowed my way to the front as they started to play. What followed was an about forty minute wall of hectic and oddly rhythmic noise under tropical temperatures. I've seen Aids Wolf before several times and they were always pretty good. They were very different this time but they were still great. After some line up changes they play with just one guitarist now and they use way more experimental guitar noise elements in between their songs. They also did more stuff with their singers voice, like running it through some effect stuff. This was the first show of their ongoing tour and I think they could have been a bit tighter. Probably they will be on future shows so if you have a chance go see them!

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