Saturday 23 July 2011

Preview: the week ahead (25th - 31st July)

A friend suggested to Summer today that he may not return next year because Spring and Autumn are going to take over his job instead. This seems like a reasonable approach. In the meantime, we need good entertainment to take our minds off the weather. Unfortunately, this week is super quiet in Berlin. Nevermind, let's just go wild and dance all night at those few events that there are, making up for those that there aren't. Know what I'm sayin'...

AIDS Wolf at West Germany: For those following this blog this gig needs no preview and no introduction. For all others, be prepared for a noise fest from Canada that might be so good it might change your life. I have been looking forward to this for 1,5 years and I'm looking forward to Wednesday the way little children look forward to Christmas.
Christy & Emily at Schokoladen: Because of Schokoladen's new opening times you may actually go and see this beforehand. Christy & Emily are two lovely ladies, on guitar and piano, who play beautiful tunes and sing with full voices we like our singers to sing. Reminds me of some of some old LA hippie folk. Sweet.

Eeva + Tyran Tyran at about:blank: Miss the days of 1996. Go to this and get nostalgic. An emo-evening the way we used to do them back in the days of Simba fanzine, Krishna beads and college haircuts.


R Stevie Moore & BBQ at West Germany: Before the days of Of Montreal, there was R Stevie Moore. And still is. Musical genius and number one pop entertainer, pioneer of lo-fi music in his own right. And as much as I have been raving on about the AIDS Wolf gig, this is probably the one must-go-to gig this week! (so excited about it, you get two videos to play while putting your nicest frock on when getting ready for the night out)

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