Sunday 3 July 2011

Preview: the week ahead (4th-10th July)

J. is in Berlin, c* is in London. But there is fun to be had. Mind you, there isn't much on this week but make sure you don't miss the following! There's a little more stuff going on, so be sure to check the calendar at the bottom!


Fenster, Martha Rose and Dibs at Madame Claude: Madame Claude have their "Four Tracks on Stage" every Tuesday where they feature mostly acoustic and unplugged singer songwriter music. The forecast says it's supposed to be rainy until Wednesday, so what could be more fitting than watching some nice folky guitar music on a Tuesday evening...

Beyond Pink and Levitations are playing an all girl punk concert at Kastanienkeller. So if you're up to some potential rrriot, go there!

Deerhoof, Tu Fawning and Esben and the Witch at Volksbühne: If you haven't seen Deerhoof by now you should definitely get your ass to the Volksbühne this Sunday. They're SO great live! Esben and the Witch are like another one of these female vocals epic dark wavy electro bands. So if you're into Zola Jesus and stuff you could like them, too! This isn't cheap but three good bands and a nice Volksbühne surrounding will probably make up for the price.

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