Thursday 23 June 2011

Quick review: Ganglians acoustic set

Well, I was very excited about tonight but it turns out Ganglians in an acoustic version doesn't cut it for me. The songs were sweet as always, the hair looked good, the atmosphere nice. But the energy was missing and the whole affair turned out to be rather boring. And given that this was supposed to be a preview show for the upcoming album, we are no smarter as to knowing what the new album sounds like. I assume it's not all acoustic. 

However, it was an extremely nice evening overall. Ganglians provided the perfect background music to a drink and a chat with friends, of which many had turned up. Monarch was nicely filled and it felt like everyone knew each other in some form. We just all had a nice relaxed mid-week evening together and ended up staying way longer than the concert, past midnight.

(I didn't get a good picture of the band but here are some friends playing Tischfußball and these pictures characterise the evening very well.)

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