Saturday 4 June 2011

Preview: the week ahead (6th - 12th June)

Summer's here! We are social these days, making the most of Berlin's parks and bike routes. I can see a day at the pool and some outdoor cinema evenings coming up, too. And I think going out to gigs is so much more fun when it's hot outside. And lucky for all of us, there are a few sterling events to match this week. A few mind you, June is almost a let down in terms of live music compared to May. Ah, just as well - gives us all more time to catch up on other things.

Grass Widow at Marie-Antoinette: Right, so my last review didn't make it sound like you should go to this one. However, I do think that the evening was probably simply jinxed the last time these ladies played Berlin and I'm willing to give it all another go. And so should you. I bet this is going to be a great evening with rocking girls playing catchy pop tunes and a well dressed audience.

Julianna Barwick at HBC: What would it sound like if elves made music? It would probably sound like the music of Julianna Barwick. This lady from New York creates dreamscapes with the help of her voice and ambient instrumentation, altered with beautiful melodies. You may want to go to this, and take your loved one, and drink wine and be amazed.
Strange Forces and Chateau Laut at Knochenbox: I've not yet attended a gig at Knochenbox. In fact I didn't know of its existence until earlier this week when my counterpart at Blitzgigs told me about this crypt under a church in Friedrichshain. That alone sounds worth attending this. But Strange Forces, residing in Berlin, have caught my attention, too: psychedelic rock music with wave elements. This should please those folk who like to express the darker side of themselves.

Chain & The Gang and Electricity In Our Homes and Kellies at Festsaal Kreuzberg: Aaaahhh, could I be more excited? Probably. But this rates pretty high on my list of wonderful things to happen in June. Ian Svenonious, entertainment mastermind, is going to teach us a thing or two on the subject of politics and dancing, and we are all going to go "Yeah" and no doubt the night is going to continue with some serious disco dancing afterwards. Before all this madness happens, the attractive post rockers in Electricity In Our Homes are going to move us. And even before that the girls in Kellies are going to amaze with garage rock the way we like it: raw and female. What a night ahead!
I have posted Chain & The Gang videos before, and you should get the gist by now, so instead I'm giving you this documentary on Ian's former group, the Make-Up. Incidentally, James Canty, who was a member in the Make-Up, is currently playing with Chain & The Gang.

Nadja and thisquietarmy at bei Roy: I have written about Aidan Baker and his ability to turn experimental music into something accessible and amazing. Ironically, I have somehow missed all of the numerous gigs he's played in Berlin in the past year. He is playing for another two times in June so the opportunities aren't ceasing to go watch him create his magic live. This time, however, he is performing as part of his outfit Nadja, a project of dark and mesmerising music, which requires your full attention when watching. Even though you may not feel like going out dancing afterwards, Saturday night and all, I recommend this to you.

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