Monday, 13 June 2011

Preview: the week ahead (13th - 19th June)

We're barely surviving the Karneval, in which the craze girl happens to live, and therefore, we are grateful for a more or less quiet week ahead.

Aidan Baker and thisquietarmy at Bis aufs Messer: If you missed their great gig at bei Roy last Saturday, here's your next chance. They both play drony ambient guitar noise. Be sure to go there on time, Bis aufs Messer concerts usually have to be over quite early.

Herman Düne and Wye Oak at Festsaal Kreuzberg: Herman Düne plays catchy and cute indie folk with adorable lyrics. Live, it's almost something between a concert and a comedy act. Wye Oak do something comparable but somehow more earnest. Anyway, if there is a decent way to spend a Tuesday evening, it's a Herman Düne concert!

Deep Sleep and Levitations at bei Roy: Deep Sleep play fast and melodic hardcore punk. They play with Levitations, a new all girl punk band from Berlin. Check them both out, I think this will be fun live!

Tame Impala at Festsaal Kreuzberg: Psychedelic music from Australia? Why not. These kids are experiencing somewhat of a hype but deservedly so. I'm especially looking forward to their more rocking numbers (see video below). Festsaal has been our second home lately and it looks like this is not about to end. So many good gigs at Festsaal just now. We might start our weekend with this one.

Wooden Wand and Alexander Tucker at Monarch: Monarch will be perfect for this double bill of talented singer-songwriters. I'm especially excited about Alexander Tucker, whose guitar tunes are admirable. What a sweet way to end your weekend!


  1. alexander tucker & wooden wand is sunday night! what a sweet way to end you weekend!

  2. So it is! Thank you, now corrected! See you Sunday. :)