Monday 7 October 2013

Preview: the week ahead (7th - 13th Oct)

We still have reviews and things for you outstanding. We are turning 3 years old this month and the past half year has been the most challenging for The Craze yet. We love it anyway. And we have not missed a preview yet, ever. Here is another one.

Wire at Postbahnhof: Read C*’s review from last time (here) and enjoy a truly great post-rock band at their finest. Recommended.

Waxahatchee and Swearin' at Privatclub: An impressive double bill. Singer-songstress Waxahatchee’s Berlin performance has been highly anticipated. She brings with her the indie rock outfit Swearin’, featuring one member of P.S. Eliot for those who remember that band from a while back.

Destruction Unit and P.U.F.F. at West Germany: Great rock’n’noise and right up our street. Dance your socks off.

Karo and Friend Crush + Hellga at bei Ruth: This is a nice mix of bands with two groups playing their first live shows ever. Karo plays singer songwriter “slowcore” music that sounds not unlike Cat Power and Feist (listen to that Roxy Music cover on her website, it’s so cool!), Friend Crush play queer punk and Hellga something more on the post rock side.

Phèdre, SFTSTPS, and Cape at Nahrerholung Sternchen: French electronic dance duo Phèdre have a widespread appeal and should please those who feel like dancing the night away. The kind of music I appreciate on the radio or at a club but would probably never listen to at home. You get my gist.

Man Or Astroman? + The Octopus Project at Lido: I was once the proud owner of a Man Or Astroman? ticket but had no means of transport to get to the gig. I actually had a nervous breakdown over this. Now once again, I am in the possession of a ticket and nothing is going to stop me from watching these weirdo surf rockers from Outer Space. Nothing.

Psychic Ills and Brace Choir at Urban Spree: Norman loved Psychic Ills’ performance at Bassy in April (read his review here). Highly recommended.

Limpe Fuchs, Flamingo Creatures, and Krube at bei Ruth: Limpe Fuchs is probably best known for being a part of Anima Musica, a psychedelic Krautrock project founded in 1969. She is still playing music and collaborates from time to time with current bands and musicians. Recently, Flamingo Creatures, a side project from two Datashock members, released a split tape with her and played some shows together as well. Now they visit Berlin together. If experimental, improvised and unconventional music is your thing, this may be worth a closer look.

Nate Young, Keith Fullerton Whitman, and Dalglish at Urban Spree: For those of you who missed the great Wolf Eyes show at Festsaal Kreuzberg earlier this year or who just found it so great that you’d like to see more: Nate Young of said band is on Regression Tour right now and will probably shake Urban Spree’s walls with his atmospheric dark and industrial noise. Supporting him will be Keith Fullerton Whitman and Dalgish, both artists that play experimental music ranging from ambient drone to a more electronic sound.

Daniel Bachman and Ryley Walker at Monarch: Monarch has a great tradition of guitar virtuosos playing. Tonight is another such talented individual gracing its bar: Daniel Bachman of Virginia’s guitar play is to die for and transports you to another country at another time. The perfect mellow Sunday evening hang out for you.

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