Monday, 14 October 2013

Preview: the week ahead (14th - 20th Oct)

We went out a lot last week - why stop now?! The (indie-schmindie) preview on a Monday.

Aloa Input at Monarch: Bavarian, Notwist-influenced newcomers Aloa Input are releasing their record and we will be there to dance the night away at Monarch this Wednesday.

Batalj, UV Glaze, and Petra Flurr at bei Ruth: Batalj get their regular mention by us noise enthusiasts on The Craze. Rock it to this good line-up at Ruth’s this Thursday!
Cotton Ponies and Hirbel at Schokoladen: This mathy post-rock at Schokoladen is quite a treat and you should be there early and enjoy.

Majical Cloudz at Kantine: Very mellow, soul-infused electronica. It is not entirely my thing but interesting and for fans of the genre a must I guess.

Cranky Fest at Antje Öklesund: Cranky booking do these regular Fests where they bring together a nice line-up you get to enjoy for a reasonable flat fee. The bill this Saturday consists of
psych rock locals Ruins of Krüger, The History of Colour TV (mentioned here a few times before), synth pop Frenchie Slow Steve, and Australian ambient guitaros Creatures. There will be a competition for this extravaganza on The Craze soon, so watch out for that.
The Thermals at Bi Nuu: Kill Rock Stars is like a magical password for me - mention the label and I get butterflies. Sure, a lot of that is nostalgia and I will admit that readily. But they still pick ‘em, would you know it. The Thermals are quite commercially digestible, as far as indie music goes, but they are quirky and fun too. For fans of Telekinesis et al. This will be a good night out.

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