Sunday 27 October 2013

Preview: the week ahead (28th Oct - 3rd Nov)

It's nearly November but still nice enough to walk around the park without your winter jacket. It's also another week full of nice and diverse live music.

Sabar - A night of West-African drumming: Well this sounds interesting, another night based on drums and percussions. There will be six artists performing on different drum instruments such as the Saba ‘a single-skin drum and the ruling instrument in Senegalese traditional and popular music’. Have a look at the facebook event page for more info about the artists.

No Age at Privatclub: It’s been exactly three years since No Age graced our town with the presence last and, yes, we have been missing them very much. The hype might be over but a brilliant band is a brilliant band. C* may have enjoyed them at Festsaal back in the day (read our review here), but nothing beats this group in a small venue. Alright! Here is that infamous Letterman performance again. Watch it twice in a row and get revved up:

Hard Skin and Bite the Bullet at Cortina Bob: Read our last review of these London Oi! boys and prepare for mayhem at Cortina Bob this seemingly quiet Tuesday night.

Austra at Heimathafen: Another season, another Austra show. In fact Monday’s performance of the Canadian talent has been sold out long ago. But Tuesday can still be yours. Gary and C* will be there. Of course they will!

Classic Muscle and Delta Love at Monarch: Classic Muscle are a new group on the scene, a little shoegazey, a little pop, a little rock’n’roll. C* is intrigued and you can buy her a drink at Monarch this Wednesday. Delta Love headline btw and we have previewed them before, too.

Total Heels and The Fingers at bei Ruth: Total Heels is an american/danish band featuring Jason Orlovich, the singer and guitarist of Polite Sleeper plus people from Lack. They play something completely different than their other bands and take a turn to a more garage-punk approach. Their music sound full of energy and will definitely make you dance. Support will be the Berlin based minimalistic lo-fi punk band The Fingers. This is their second show but the song samples on their soundcloud page sound pretty interesting. Seems like a nice way to spend your Halloween night! We'll also start a competition tomorrow so keep your eyes open.

Anklepants, Föllakzoid and Günther Schickert at NK: Another nice Halloween party with an interesting mix of experimental music. Anklepants is a guy with a controllable penis mask, playing and performing to dark electronic music. Check out the videos on NKs event info site, his performance is pretty interesting and unique. Föllakzoid is a band from Chile which released a new record on Sacred Bones recently. They play repetitive and minimalistic krautrock and post-rock influenced music. Think of current bands like Maserati but less dancy. Günther Schickert is the third act of the night. You may know him for supporting already mentioned Maserati live or as a Krautrock original - his 1974 released Samtvogel record is still pretty well-known.

Lovers at Südblock: Did we not love their show at West Germany last time? Yes, we did. Another chance for you with and to this lady pop trio.

Julian Sartorious: Beat Diary at Monarch: Got really hyped up about drumming on Monday? Julian Sartorious is sure keep you moving then at cosy Monarch this Thursday. Danceable and inspirational.

Juana Molina at HAU1: Juana Molina plays psychedelic folk oriented fluffy music that sounds a bit like a mixture of Cat Power and Eels. If you’re in for a dreamy concert experience in a beautiful theater setting, this is for you.

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