Thursday 10 October 2013

Birthday Competition 1: Puschen Extravaganza

It's birthday month for The Craze again - we are officially turning 3 years old 22 October. To celebrate, we have once again asked the booking agents of Berlin to host give-aways on The Craze.

"Komm in die Puschen!"

The first one comes from Puschen booking agency. Tell us by 9 pm Wednesday, 16 October 2013, your favourite song about hurrying, speeding or rushing and you can win two tickets to one of the current roster of Puschen concerts (see advertisement flyer in right hand column).

Puschen have such a good list of shows lined up for the last few months of 2013, you really cannot miss out on this comp, you know it.

A good opportunity to post one of my favourite summer tunes again and remind us of those days when dancing to this with your free tickets.

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  1. To those who are new or can't remember: our competition email is win at thecraze dot de, however hello at works, too.