Monday 26 November 2012

Quick review: Zombie Zombie

Zombie Zombie - what a band! 

I am not even sure "band" is right term for this project, which really consists of an electronic music equipment nerd and two ridiculously talented drummers. The group looks like a bunch of jazz musicians, which I am sure they really are, like in real life. But they create dance music unlike any other. Of course you could loosely categorise it with !!! (Chk Chk Chk), Radio 4 or Battles. Or you could admit that they do a thing of their own that is unique.

What sounds great on record, is absolutely amazing live and the only way to truly experience their music. There are no pre-programmed parts played from a MacBook, while someone pushes a couple of keys with it. No sir! This is all created live, with tons of knobs and buttons and a joystick - yes, you read me right. Meanwhile, the two drummers go an a coordinated, coreographed drumming frenzy the way I have maybe only seen Foot Village manage to perform. It is not only hard to stand still - in fact nobody at Festsaal did - the performance is also extremely pleasing visually. 

To add to all this amazingness, Zombie Zombie have that certain French oh la la. Though I am absolutely aware of the cheesiness of this statement, I know no other way to describe it. Neat, arty, nerdy, anarchistic and cute. You know what I am saying. 

After my dip into the Wild Nothing gig earlier that night, Zombie Zombie managed to absolutely blow me away, make me shake vigorously and kicked my ass, all the while putting a smile on my face with their undeniable sense of humour. Magnificent!

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