Monday 19 November 2012

Preview: the week ahead (19th - 25th Nov)

The last few grey and foggy days have actually pleased me. Sure, I would much rather sit in the sun. But the melancholy that comes with autumn greyness is so deeply engrained in Northern and Central European culture, it is comforting in a way. Soundtrack your autumn evenings with some of these gigs around town:

Chicaloyoh, Alahuta and Indias Indios at Loophole: We seldomly reprint the press kit but this one sounds so good, I thought I would just copy / paste. "Chicaloyoh is the Alice Dourlen solo project, a music between soundscape exploration and intimate contemplation. Chicaloyoh is a mix of guitar, keyboards and percussions from distant and various horizon. Chicaloyoh is a one woman band that will attract those who like the priestesses singings of Inca Ore or Zola Jesus. Chicaloyoh has a collaboration with High Wolf called Woodoo Mount Sister, and toured with him this year." Good support, too!

Evan Dando and Juliana Hatfield at Roter Salon: Evan Dando, singer and guitarist for the Lemonheads, plays solo shows quite often and he's also not a rare visitor of Berlin for his performances. So chances are quite high that you might have already seen him before. If not, Roter Salon is probably a more than decent location and Evan Dando is definitely worth watching live. Juliana Hatfield has been musically busy for quite a long time and has been a collaborator with Evan Dando throughout all those years. She plays folky indie acoustic tunes nowadays.

Former Selves and Tidal at Loophole: Loophole is establishing itself as a very interesting venue for experimental and out-of-the-ordinary music, pleasing a crowd that is hungry for something new, innovative and different. Tonight promises to be another wonderful music spectacle: Former Selves mix various sounds and samples into earpleasing compositions, that, despite being experimental and quirky, are not hard to digest. Kinda think old cartoon classics when the madness really kicks off and the music goes frantic one minute and then melancholy the next. Recommended!

The Soft Moon and Dracula Lewis at Festsaal Kreuzberg: Gig of the week? Maybe. There certainly is a buzz around town pertaining this gig. The Soft Moon are right now touring to present their newest record. They play heavily 80s influenced dark synthi indie pop. Not unlike the "goth" parts of the Cure or Tuxedomoon or newer bands like the Vanishing. Dracula Lewis fits quite nicely to that, it's a bit more electronic and a bit weirder but also has this 80s goth feeling to it. 

Deerhoof at Festsaal Kreuzberg: Deerhoof are a truly unique band. They developed their own style between heavy rock parts and fragile tiny melodies, all carried by Satomi Matsuzaki's vocals. Their newest record just came out this year, so you can probably expect them to play a bunch of new songs. I'm totally looking forward to this, Deerhoof are an awesome live band and I'd even pay entry to watch Greg Saunier play drums alone for an hour.

Hammerhead and Nothing at Kastanienkeller: This is going to be insanely packed. Hammerhead don't play live that often so if you're planning to catch this "legend" of german punk/hardcore music live, make sure to be there on time.
Troy von Balthazar at Monarch: The eccentric of Hamburger Schule makes a cozy appearance at Monarch. And why not?
E.D. Sedgwick, Crime and Big Eater at Marie-Antoinette: This is going to be good! E.D. Sedgwick is Justin Moyer's newest band since Antelope, El Guapo and Supersystem aren't active anymore. Musically this is like a dancy mixture of Antelope and Chain and the Gang like 60s influences. Supporting them will be Crime, half Sissters and half Scream Club, they play 80s influenced queer punky electro music. We definitely mentioned them before a few times, you should know the deal. Also playing will be Big Eater, Berlin based new project of Al Burian and members of Syn Error. Watch out for our competition later today when you can win two tickets to the gig!

Nicoffeine at Boom, Thomasstr. 27: Brutal noise and good at it. Go on over to Boom on Saturday if you need your ass kicked.

Mac DeMarco and Each Other at Monarch: A weirdo pop matinée show. Be there for 4pm and dance the afternoon away with us to the offish pop tunes of Mac DeMarco, who will bring with him a fellow Montreal project Each Other. It will be swell and you may as well don your best tea dress for the occasion. Head on over to Festsaal for Ariel Pink afterwards, making it a night of it.
Do Make Say Think, Sandro Perri and Eric Chenaux at Lido: Canadian instrumental post-rock outfit Do Make Say Think, another fine classic Constellation band, return to Berlin and will most likely draw people into their world of dream sounds and guitar rhythms.
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti at Festsaal: Our favourite indie pop legend is transforming Festsaal to disco heaven for me this Sunday and I am happily taking him up on the offer. I can only recall good memories of Ariel Pink shows as they never fail to deliver on their promise of absolute wondfulness. See you there!

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