Saturday 24 November 2012

Preview: the week ahead (26th Nov - 2nd Dec)

This week's preview is not quite as crazy as those of the past few weeks. It's not that there is too little to do in this town this week, far from it, but we have stuck to the gems in the calendar. With so man exciting events lately, we felt it was a good idea to go back to basics: gigs that get our hearts racing. Yup.

Plaided and Just Friends And Lovers at Schokoladen: Fettkakao is a label from Austria that has been making waves in the twee indie pop scene for a while. And both bands can be categorised in that genre. Think early Kill Rock Stars / K Records and some Austrian charme. Early night, as in Schokoladen.
Nick Waterhouse and The Allah-Las at Lido: Some good oldschool rock'n'roll and soul from Los Angeles native, songwriter, and producer Nick Waterhouse. However, it's The Allah-Las I am excited about on this bill. 60s inspired rock'n'pop à la early Rolling Stones. Definitely for fans of Strange Boys, etc, and very good. A treat. Unfortunately, the gig is sold out, so you may have to turn to Kleinanzeigen or show up hopeful to get in. I reckon The Allah-Las my be worth it.

Oh No! Yoko and BDYBLDNG at Tiefgrund: Mathcore meets indie rock when Canadians Oh No! Yoko play. Quirky and clever. Support from locals BDYBLDNG.
Toy at Comet Club: Definitely a strong contender for gig of the week, that is, if I wasn't so obsessed with U.S. Girls. Anyway, Toy, the British rock band, not the German pop one, don a 70s rock look but play indie rock the way indie rock should be and sounded in its hayday of 1993: Fuzzy, rhythmic and melodic, making shy boys sway while staring at the floor and extrovert girls dance wildly on the half-empty floor of the indie disco. Grunge revival - take a chunk of this! They are one of the best bands around at the moment. Regardless of whether you listened to Dinosaur Jr. too much in 1990 or if you were queuing to see Diiv for hours earlier this month, make sure you do the same to Toy.

Stanley Brinks at Schokoladen: Now here is an exciting gig we only found out about a few days ago. Safe to say, our hearts beat faster instantly. Stanley Brinks, of Herman Düne fame, is releasing his new album, celebrating it in style at Schokoladen (as in at 7 pm). Melancholic pop with clever lyrics that make you smile. Don't miss out! You could even be gig hopping, as I will when I treck over to...
Peaches and Jolly-Goods at Festsaal: The lady has been so busy with theatre productions and the likes, we actually haven't been treated to the teaches of Peaches in a gig setting in a while. It looks like it takes Missy Magazine to organise a party. I am a big fan, I am not going to deny that, and an admirer. This woman has done a lot for us females, realise it or not. And in such a dancable fashion. C'mon! Jolly-Goods should get a few people out to Kotti, too. And then there is the worthy cause of supporting Germany's only real women's magazine...

U.S. Girls & Slim Twig at Monarch: Gig of the week. Read my review from two years ago and find out why I love this artist. Also, the new album on Fat Cat is so incredibly good, I absolutely cannot wait to witness the new material live. For fans of Austra, CocoRosie, John Maus, Jeans Wilder. A cannot miss kinda thing. Slim Twig is the perfect collaboration, too. See you there! 

The Chameleons Vox play Magnet again: This reincarnation of the Chameleons is pretty close to the original band from the 80s. I saw their last show at Magnet and I was very impressed, take your chance to hear these amazing songs live! Without the Chameleons, bands like Interpol, Editors and comparable would either never have existed or at least not sound the way they do.
Sven Kacirek and Piano Interrupted at Radialsystem V: Sven Kacirek is a drummer and percussionist who could loosely be categorised as jazz, however, he has collaborated with Kenian musicians, among other projects, and endeavours to progress his sound continuously. Very impressive. Piano Interrupted is one of those "it does exactly what it says on the tin" kind of cases. It is melancholic jazz piano, very beautiful, interrupted by other elements of the trio. Meet Norman there for an evening of amazingness.

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