Monday, 1 October 2012

Review: Daniel Bachman

Nightlife in Berlin is unbelievable sometimes. Like last Friday. Torche played at Bi Nuu, Deep Time at Schokoladen, Aidan Baker and Noveller had their tour-starting-gig and, well, a couple more concerts I can't remember. Someone called it First-World-Problem, I guess this person was right.

I decided to see Daniel Bachman at Frollein Langner in Neukölln. A young and promising guitar player from the States playing some kind of instrumental finger picking guitar. Before him El Gos Binari tried to get the attention of the audience. It didn't worked out, well, not his fault. To play in the middle of a packed bar in Neukölln on Friday night didn't seem like a good idea. Anyway, El Gos Binari reminded me lot of Dustin Wong meets Animal Collective. One guy, a guitar and a lots of pedals.

After a short break Daniel Bachman tuned his Guild guitar and played like no one was there. Just him and his sound. Not this blues- or folky style of sound, more an attempt to follow Robbie Basho or Jack Rose. I can't believe how good he is at this young age. Frollein Langer was still crowded and only a handful was interested in his performance. Too bad for everyone. Nevertheless I enjoyed it a lot.

Fortunately, he played a second gig on Saturday at Madame Claude's. Unfortunately, I couldn't go to this one, but a trustworthy source told me that it was more quiet this time, but also more reserved. The good news is he'll return in May next year, so mark you calendars. Also, his new record on Tompkins Square is coming out soon. 

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