Saturday, 13 October 2012

Preview: the week ahead (15th - 21th Oct)

No rest for the wicked. Orchestra of Spheres tonight. The Jay Reatard documentary night tomorrow. And then a packed week ahead:
Noveller, Aidan Baker and Sferics at Loophole: Noveller = atmospheric and ambient sound scapes produced by one lady with the help of a computer set-up and a guitar. It's high eyebrow kind of stuff. No vocals. Support from two familiar local faces.
Why? and Balam Acab at Volksbühne: Intelligent crossover post rock from celebrated alternative group Why?. I have no idea whether this is sold out or not but it is most likely going to be a good show. 
Dope Body and Novo Line at West Germany: I used to listen an aweful lot to brutal groups like Helmet and Karp and as much as I still listen to those old albums, I miss a modern equivalent that just pumps me when I need it. So thank you Dope Body for coming along, who are just that little bit more weird, dancable and add unexpected elements here and there. I have very high expectations for this and invite you to join us by entering our competition, which ends tomorrow night. We are giving away two tickets, so give this a go.

John Cale at Passionskirche: This musical legend turned 70 earlier this year. A possibly rare chance to see the man at a relatively cosy venue. A truly special night.
Simon Reynolds lecture/reading at Monarch: The great Ventil Verlag just released the German translation of Simon Reynolds latest book Retromania and they are presenting it with a book tour through Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxemburg. First stop will be at Monarch and will "involve a new talk + readings from the book + Q/A with the audience." Also you can read an interview with Reynolds about his ideas and theories here.
Seams at Bi Nuu: Music for dreamers - that pretty much describes Seams. With elements of folk, beat and sometimes electronica, some songs are dancy, others relaxing, but all of them mellow and an invitation to let your mind wonder. Pretty neat. 

Steve Gunn at Monarch: Guitar virtuoso with a bluesy folk voice in the cosy setting of Monarch. Sound like a relaxed night.
Patrick Wolf at Passionskirche: We almost missed this one. Passionskirche gigs don't always show up in our research results. Mr. Wolf from Souf Lund'n is a wonderful camp dance genius. I do not actually listen to his music unless it plays on the radio and I honestly doubt I would ever buy a single track. But I mean c'mon, where are those pop idols these days? Who are the Duran Durans or the Marc Almonds of our time? We need people like Mr. Wolf to keep pop alive. For fans of 80s over-the-top pop.
Knifefight! at Ma Thilda: Folk music project by members of Glasses and Trainwreck. A neat evening with nice people.
Man Forever at West Germany: Thrill Jockey pretty much always is a guarantee for quality acts and bands and Man Forever is no exception. Probably better known for being a drummer for Oneida (read our review here), John Colpitts aka. Kid Millions realizes a pretty interesting concept with this project. This is no band in the traditional way but "a participatory yet not improvised project. A new type of band that requires no traditional 'growing together' but a workshop prior to the performance." Local musicians participating will be announced, so prepare yourself for something unique this Friday.

Toby Goodshank and Diane Cluck at Villa Neukölln: I have never heard of this venue before (find it here) but Toby Goodshank is definitely worth a visit. He plays lo-fi indie folk music and is somehow part of this anti-folk thing that's been going on for quite some time now. He played guitar in the Moldy Peaches and toured with Jeffrey Lewis and Kimya Dawson. I saw him playing in a bar earlier this year and he's very entertaining and fun to watch.


UV Glaze, Diät, PissBloodygrave & Die Lust! and DJs at bei Roy: Nice package and possibly a very cool evening at bei Roy. Besides the bands that are all worth a listen, there will be self built photo- and videobooths, ghetto tattoos and some trash burlesque and drag performance. More info on the facebook event page.
Quintron and Miss Pussycat at Kater Holzig: AAAAaaaahhh, the Vorfreude is unbearable! Perfect venue, too. Just trust C* when she says it was the gig of 2010 and that you cannot possibly miss this. Be there and dance the night away to Mr. Quintron's organ. Yeah Yeah, whoop whoop!


The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble and The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation at Festsaal Kreuzberg: What better way to end a busy week with some dark and doomy jazz. If you like Bohren & der Club of Gore, this might be your thing although The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble sounds a bit more accessible. So now, what's with all these mountains and the dark/doom jazz connection?

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