Sunday, 28 October 2012

Preview: the week ahead (29th Oct - 4th Nov)

Baby it's cold out there. Berlin's music venues are warm and inviting. Come on in!

Le Corps Mince de Françoise (LCMDF) + D E N A at Prince Charles: The Finnish girls in LCMDF are releasing their new record this week. Electro clash for the masses. Go out and support.

Doomsday Student, Don Vito and Mommy Boys bei Roy: Read our competition piece to know what this is about and to see a video that will wet your apetite. In a nutshell: Arab on Radar back on the road with a different name and new songs. Absolute mayhem will ensue. Last bei Roy gig of the year. Party hard.
Chromatics at Berghain: "Gothy italo disco with the guy from Glass Candy". Those are not my words but they describe this outfit perfectly. Unfortunately this gig has been cancelled "due to unforeseeable / private issues." Berghain is trying to put up another date.
Grizzly Bear and Villagers at Astra: When you enter Grizzly Bear into google, the band comes up before the actual animal. Funny. I am not too fussed about the band, though I like the bear. I am, however, very fussed about Villagers, whose dark songwriter material soundtracks grey days for me on a regular basis. So I might just head to Astra for Villagers only, before making my way to Roy.

Death Grips at Festsaal: This is Death Grips' first Berlin show ever and apparently they're everybody's favorite Hip Hop act right now. They play experimental and pretty harsh beats (with Zach Hill from Hella on drums) combined with forward and pissed vocals/raps. Expect it to be fully packed and get your tickets while you still can.
Phoebe Kreutz at Schokoladen: Phoebe Kreutz steps into a long tradition of songwriters with a beautiful voice and an accoustic guitar. And a sense of humour. You will enjoy her mellow songs with clever lyrics. Recommended. Be there for 8pm sharp, Schokoladen and all that.


Dirty Projectors, Doldrums, Callers and Ballet School at Berghain: NYC night at Berghain this Thursday. The line-up is very impressive indeed. Weirdo indie poppers Dirty Projectors return to Berlin and with them a host of neighbours. Doldrums do dark dance. Callers do experimental disco with theatrical vocals. Ballet School are probably my favourite in this list and play romantic indie pop, somewhere along the lines of Dum Dum Girls, but maybe more 80s and less 60s if that makes sense.

Hudson Mohawke at Gretchen: Warp records protégés Hudson Mohawke might just sell out Gretchen. There is a dance music hype in the indie scene you know. Blame !!! (Chk Chk Chk) or MGMT. Or just go along with it.

Dean Dirg, Modern Pets, About:Blanks, Blank Pages, Out on a Limb, Erotic Devices and Latex Lovers at Cassiopeia: I am a big Dean Dirg fan and got well excited when I read that these punk rockers' 10 year anniversay tour brings them to Berlin. The fest also includes a chunky line-up of local stars. A good fun night.
Lambchop at Apostel Paulus Kirche: Heroes of orchestrated folk playing in the perfect setting. Beautiful. Wonderful.

Shearwater at Kantine am Berghain: And if, after your Lambchop experience the night before, you yearn for more beautifully crafted indie folk music, head over to Berghain's Kantine on Sunday to watch Shearwater play. You will get your fix.

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