Sunday 4 March 2012

Preview: the week ahead (5th - 11th Mar)

In a fit of stupidity, I managed to burn the palm of my left hand last night. hence, typing is kinda difficult now. Means to you: a minimalistic preview.

Sharon van Etten and Aidan Baker at Grüner Salon: I like concerts that combine bands that don't just play similar styles of music. This is one of these. We already wrote stuff about Aidan Baker in the past. He currently resides in Berlin and also plays in Nadja. His solo work is kind of comparable to that, he plays instrumental ambient post rock mostly with just a guitar and foot pedals. Sharon van Etten plays melancholic indie folk acoustic guitar music but she does it really good. Check out her video below, if you like that you know where to go on Tuesday.

The Drums at Postbahnhof: Indie starlets that I love because they are putting the cool back into indie wave music. They would have emerged as superstars had they been born 30 years previously.

Damien Jurado and Find Local Concerts at Comet Club: Damien Jurado is definitely one of the better indie folk singer songwriter guys around. He released quite a bunch of records since 1997 and I don't know all of them, but his latter releases are all pretty neat. Unfortunately this takes place at Comet Club, but well...

Me Succeeds and The Dropout Patrol at about:blank: Hamburg-based electropop-trio Me Succeeds versus local indie stars The Dropout Patrol.
Tindersticks at Volksbühne: I really like the Tindersticks and if you are into melancholic indie music with deep voice and that extra pinch of pathos, you'll like them too. Think of bands like the National and you get a pretty good idea what they sound like. You can watch them again on Thursday if you miss them on Wednesday.

Duke Spirit at Columbia-Club: Theatrical English indie rock in a big setting. C* has been invited to this and will report back.

A Hawk And A Hacksaw at HAU1: For fans of Beirut. Folky duo, traditional style. You will love.
Ceremony, The Lost Rivers and The History Of Colour TV at Marie-Antoinette: The spectrum of 90s inspired music at M-A tonight: post-punk & shoegaze fuzzy indie.
Lazer Crystal and Câlin at about:blank: Thrill Jockey protegés Lazer Crystal play dark wavy dance music with a distinct 80s sound. French duo Câlin do drum-heavy electro pop. End your week dancing!


  1. there's also charli xcx supporting sleigh bells at festsaal kreuzberg on wednesday.

    [ and you shouldn't go to ceremony at marie antoinette, because they'll be plaing again (including lost rivers) two days later at the far better, cooler, nicer king kong klub in mitte. :-) ]

  2. Eh...ja.
    Falsche Ceremony. Im Marie-Antoinette spielen die Ceremony aus Virginia, nicht die aus Kalifornien. Schön wär's...

  3. thanks you guys! i have corrected the following information:
    1) duke spirit are playing at c-club, not halle. 2) shoegaze ceremony instead of hc. oh well, shame. but really, the mistake was easily made: - the lastfm event page links to a band page that actually features four different bands. wtf.
    (@ frank: telling people not to go to marie-antoinette is kinda rude. those cute frenchies need to make a living, too.)