Monday 26 March 2012

Preview: the week ahead (26th Mar - 1st Apr)

We are running a bit late with the preview this week and we apologise. But not to worry: You haven't missed anything yet. And there is a lot of good stuff on this week that one could potentially miss. But that's what we're here for - to make sure you have a good time around town.

WU LYF at Bi Nuu: If you like your synth pop à la MGMT and Coco Rosie (and I realise we don't all do) this is a rare chance to see this heavy pop group in a relatively cosy setting. Believe me, they play much bigger venues elsewhere.

Daniel Menche and Sudden Infant at West-Germany: two great experimental noise acts share the bill on this one. Both somehow dark and a bit harsh. If that's your thing, you know where to head on this Wednesday. If it's not, there's plenty of other stuff to see.
the Shins at Huxleys: I've never been to a show at Huxleys but the Shins would be sort of an appropriate reason to try it out. There's not much to say about them you won't already know... one of the few "indie pop" bands that are actual worth closer examination.
the Chap at Berghain Kantine: c* is a fan of The Chap, weirdo intelligent dancable indie act, but for complicated reasons will not be at this gig but seeing the Shins instead. For everyone else though, if you can still get in (I have no idea), go to this and jig the night away.

fnessnej, ampl:tude and Paper Planes at about:blank: fnessnej = really good fun electro dance punk music. supported by local heroes ampl:tude, doing a similar thing. an evening for those who have a sense of humour and like to dance.

The Great Park and Holly Mae & The Painted Room at Madame Claude: Stephen Burch is bringing his melancholic folk music and poetic lyrics to Madame Claude tonight and it's going to be extremely sweet. Go see!!

Earth, Mount Eerie and Ô Paon at Festsaal Kreuzberg: What a nice line-up. Phil Elverum's post Microphones band Mount Eerie alone would be well worth another visit of Festsaal Kreuzberg. Combined with Earth this promises to be an awesome evening.
Here's a new Mount Eerie song from the forthcoming album to get you in the mood:

Polite Sleeper, Des Ark, Sissters and Jason & Theodor at Monster Ronsons: End of Des Ark and Sissters Europe tour gets celebrated at this Mini Festival. Check what we wrote about both of them before and add Polite Sleepers nice indie folk and Jason & Theodor to the bill. Sounds like fun.

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