Monday 19 March 2012

Preview: the week ahead (19th - 25th Mar)

So there is this nice spring weather topic. I'm not going into detail on that. There are also some pretty cool concerts to be visited this week. So I'm just going a little bit more into detail on these:

Rocky Votolato at Magnet Club: I didn't even know that Rocky Votolato is still around. You know, the guy from Waxwing. I always considered him one of the better indie singer songwriter guys. I have no idea if I'd like his newer stuff, but I think this could end in a nice Tuesday evening concert at a shitty club.

Okkyung Lee at bei Roy: this could be something if you're into experimental/free jazz music. Okkyung Lee is a cellist living in New York. She plays a solo performance this evening and in addition a second set together with three other musicians (further info here). Okkyung Lee has performed with a variety of other notable artists, so if you're into John Zorn, Thurston Moore, Carla Bozulich (Evangelista), Chris Corsano... well just check this out, it's gonna be good!

Child Abuse and Staer at Schokoladen: As I just experienced, searching for "Child Abuse" on Google doesn't get you that far when you're looking for that band. It also feels a bit weird to like Child Abuse on Facebook. But whatever, they're not only worth a "like" but certainly also a visit to luckily ongoing Schokoladen this Thursday. Child Abuse play pretty chaotic and noisy hardcore. Think of an experimental grindcore band between the Locust and Aids Wolf. As usual: remember to be on time, it's an early show!

Prinzhorn Dance School at Berghain Kantine: This will certainly be good! Prinzhorn Dance School is a duo from England play dancy minimalistic post punk. Think of a mix between Antelope and The Fall and you maybe won't be that close but probably in the mood to get yourself to the Berghain Kantine.

Father Murphy at bei Roy: If you missed Father Murphy's last concert couple of weeks ago, this is your second chance in a way better and suitable location than before. Father Murphy play some rather weird but also great music. It's hard to describe but think of Xiu Xiu in their more experimental phases, add some surfy guitar and some industrial noises and you get a slight hint. There are some more bands playing, check this site for further info and something to listen to.

*and as usual: check out our calendar on the bottom of the page to see what else is going on this week.*

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  1. just to say, speaking of singer-songwriters. i'll be swaying to the amazing cass mccombs at roter salon on tuesday. and i'm very tempted to go see one of my all-time favourites, austin lucas, at cassiopeia on wednesday. and speaking of all-time-favs: helmet are playing at SO36 on friday. nostalgic me is tempted. i still listen to Betty very regularly, believe or not.