Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Review: The Pharmacy

This was our first test for Marie-Antoinette: What would the venue feel like with a small crowd? Indeed, exactly 19 paying guests had showed up for the short-notice The Pharmacy gig. But to our suprise, 19 were enough to create a good atmosphere and the sound held up, too.
Dure-Mère, the support band from the South of France, supplied some solid postrock, very French with an accordeon. A full hour support set may have pushed people's patience a little but their music was enjoyable.

This was The Pharmacy's last date on this tour and they weren't going to go back home without a serious good bye gift: a wild noisy rock set, including the obligatory trashing of the drum kit. Rock, humour and party. We like.

Thanks to Felix. He took notes.

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