Friday 22 October 2010

make it if you're missing it

For years I have been using the helpful Capeet gig list from Vienna to keep up on my favourite bands and performers touring Europe. Equally, when I visited my former home London this summer, I researched the entertainment options on How Does It Feel's London Gig Guide. It seems to me, Berlin could really benefit from such a list. So recently, I set up a Google calendar in which I list all gigs and other events that interest me or the people around me.

But with all the passion I feel for live music in particular it seemed logical to me to go further than just list gigs. This blog will serve as a medium of previewing and reviewing the live music experiences of Berlin. More people will get involved as this goes on.
If you like to contribute, let me know, and suggestions and gig information is welcome, too.

Enjoy. c*

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