Thursday, 28 October 2010

Preview: tonight and the remainder of this week

The crazy event filled November is only 4 nights away. Yet, there are a few gigs you may want to consider before we will spend very little time in our houses throughout November.

Tonight, M:Soundtrack at Schokoladen presents another gem: Dosh, an experimental duo on anticon, a label known for quality. The music is pretty chilled out, but far from boring, as instruments as well as electronics are utilised to create dreamish, intelligent music. They are supported by one-man-band Snailhouse from Canada - singer/songwriter material. Recommended!

At White Trash Fast Food tonight, the 80s will relive with spacerock band Farflung from Los Angeles. Noisy, stoner, wavy rock - nothing for the tame. I quite fancy it, actually, I imagine Queens Of The Stone Age would sound like this if they were into 80s wave music. The support comes in the form of Black Land, stoner rock from Italy.

Emozioni from Hamburg play indie rock and will perform at West Germany tomorrow.

Finally, on Sunday, once again Marie-Antoinette is the place to be. The Burning Hell, Canadian indie folk pop of the highest order, and French pop group Coming Soon are turning this evening into a pop fiesta.

I might take it easy this week, so cannot promise too many gig reviews of the above yet. (contributions welcome) However, the gig month of November is starting with Cave, Movie Star Junkies, No Age & Abe Vigoda, Archie Bronson Outfit, Picastro, Des Ark & Sissters next week. I am excited and have my dancing shoes ready for No Age & Abe Vigoda in particular. Cannot wait!!

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