Sunday 24 October 2010

Preview: the next couple of days

After tonight's The Pharmacy gig at Marie-Antoinette, we get some serious lo-fi girl action in the form of U.S. Girls at Madame Claude. U.S. Girls is just one girl, Megan Remy, who uses her voice as much as an instrument as the various forms of samples and drum machine sounds that are part of her songs. Although it's admittedly not everyone's cup of tea, U.S. Girls is innovative and arty and unlike any other performance you have seen and worth your attendance, even if you aren't into the recordings. For fans of Pocahaunted, etc.

Tuesday's offering is a choice between Casiotone For The Painfully Alone at Marie-Antoinette, Sun Araw at West Germany, supported by Hype Williams, or Geoff Farina at Madame Claude. It's another tough call and depends largely on either your taste in music or your mood of the night.
For fans of Karate and Secret Stars, dwelling in nostalgic memories, Geoff Farina is a must. It's fair to say that he has been influential on today's musical landscapes, both with his musical advances but also with the ethics and energy that he has brought along. But I think it's also noteworthy that his recent solo pursuits are very high class songwriting gems with guitar riffs that somehow remind me, and probably only me, of Eric Clapton. Listen for yourself here. See you at Madame Claude if your mood is jazzy and relaxed.
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone on the other hand appeal to electro pop folk willing to dance the night away. No chill out but some serious party is expected of you at Marie-Antoinette. And that might just be the right thing to do when Berlin is grey and wet in autumn. White Corolla is one of their more mellow numbers but a high class video.
Finally, Sun Araw are from Los Angeles and this may let you guess what's coming your way at West Germany: fine psychedelic sounds, somewhat lo-fi but not quite, hippie-music in a modern setting. Also, the current trend in incorporating tribal music into punk and indie music is very present in Sun Araw's compositions. This one is definitely for those of you that enjoyed U.S. Girls the night before, for those that appreciate intelligent music and for those that like to dwell in music as if it was a hot bath. Hear for yourself here what I mean.

And here is one that should definitely get you to consider the U.S. Girls gig tomorrow:

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