Monday, 31 March 2014

Preview: the week ahead (31st Mar to 6 Apr)

Summertime! Oh wait, it's not. But it sure looks it peaking out the window. And we came back from the Broken Bells gig without jackets on last night. So there! A lame-ish preview this week but, you know, there is still enough going to to keep us busy.


  • Cults at Lido: I like duos, it’s been documented before. This one is interesting as Cults really did start out as lovers but while they are no longer a couple, their artistic relationship has survived. They essentially present pop music, like it or leave it. What I find interesting and intriguing about Cults is the various influences they incorporate into their sound and maybe the twee element of singer Madeline Follin’s voice. It’s not spinning on my turntable but I reckon it’s going to be a nice gig to hang out at with your mate on a mid-week evening.


  • *U*N*S + The Antikaroshi at Schokoladen: Thirsty and Miserable celebrate their fifth birthday and invited a muesli of punkish bands to celebrate with them for two nights in a row. First day features some wave-punk tunes from *U*N*S and some more post-punk stuff by The Antikaroshi.


  • Mette Rasmussen & Stine Janvin Motland & Chris Corsano at Sowieso Neukölln: Chris Corsano, whom we mentioned here several times before, is a highly prolific and active experimental drummer and percussionist. He collaborated with loads of notable artists and bands, from Björk to Thurston Moore, Sunburned Hand of the Man and Kim Gordon. He’s a regular Berlin guest and delighted us with his performances in various settings and locations. This time he plays together with Mette Rasmussen and Stine Janvin Motland at Sowieso Neukölln, a rather small and cozy location and another nice chance to see Corsano again.
  • Auxes + Gorgonoisid + Buman at Schokoladen: Second part of the 5 years of Thirsty and Miserable fest. Auxes play Schokoladen again, they seem to really like it there! Comprised of members of Milemarker, they still share some aspects of their sound and energy with that band and play and very direct and forward take on noisy punk rock. Supporting them will be Gorgonoisid who play something more in the vein of sludge and noise and Buman who probably are more your thing if you’re into SST-style punk.


  • Skiing + Classic Muscle at Marie-Antoinette: Record release party for this first split release by local indie label Späti Palace. C*’s gig of the week, hands down. Both bands rock and deserve your attention for actually being good local bands. Meet us there!


  • Kurt Vile + Pall Jenkins at HAU1: I have recently been having a total Black Heart Procession. They have been one of my favourites from day 1 and have been with me through thick and thin. But recently, I have really been rediscovering their first record all over again. So imagine my happiness to read that Pall Jenkins, forming member of Black Heart Procession, is going to play on one bill with Kurt Vile of all people. Kurt Vile’s latest record was a 2013 highlight for many - nicely crafted. This is definitely gig of the year material, oh baby. Heart.

  • Dial + Trouble at Altes Finanzamt: This is something very interesting by Sam Hillmer, saxophone player for Zs and one of the people being responsible for the "You Are Here Aka The Maze" festival that took place at West Germany a while ago. There will be a one-day art exhibition and some live music. For more detailled info on what to expect have a look at the facebook event page.

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