Monday, 17 March 2014

Preview: the week ahead (17th - 23rd Mar)

Ow, are we going to party this week! But we are taking it quiet on the weekend. We have our priorities just right. Just look at this:

  • The Monochrome Set at Monarch: The British group that inspired some of the last decade or two’s biggest acts – including The Smiths and Franz Ferdinand - but who were themselves left on the sidelines to become a “cult band” play Berlin’s Monarch this week. Nice setting for a group that play perfect indie pop, as it is known these days, with camp, sardonic lyrics (no wonder Morrissey liked ‘em so much) and were the best of British art school pop in their day; they formed in 1978. Although it’s always good to be suspicious of older bands who reform and go on tour, this lot have been getting great reviews for their live gigs, as they play a mix of old favourites and new. If you haven’t heard of them but you’re sick of all the bands that sound like other bands from the 80s – and oh lord, there are just sooo many – and you want to see some originals, then this should be well worth checking out, especially in such an intimate space.

  • Cheveu ‎ and Classic Muscle ‎ at West Germany: To C*s sadness, this clashes with The Shrine’s concert. But if she hadn’t bought her ticket already, this is 100 % where she would spend Tuesday night. French weirdo punk and Berlin’s classic post-punk trio at one concert? Classic Muscle will blow your mind but Cheveu are worth your attention, too. Cannot miss this really.
  • King Khan & The Shrines at Lido: Ticket bought, dancing shoes ready, mind set to soul maharadsha madness. Tuesday is crazy dance party night. Read C*’s previous reviews (One and Two).

  • L//NES and Maybecyborgs at bei Ruth: La Moustache is presenting another nice show, this time at bei Ruth. L//NES from Manchester play heavy riot girl inspired post-punk/post-hardcore. Think of a fresh and highly energetic version of Sleater Kinney. Maybecyborgs from Berlin are a cool mixture of experimental and lo-fi music that lies somewhere between no-wave and new-wave. This is going to be fun to watch, especially if you’re in a dancy mood!
  • Austin Lucas, Emily Barker, and PJ Bond at Cassiopeia: Austin Lucas is a firm favourite of C*’s and so much more than your average singer-songwriter. This is going to be an evening of wonderful folk interaction. Highly recommended, as always. 
  • The Men at White Trash: Brooklyn, NY-based guitar group who can be found on one of the best psych-rock and just generally-rock labels around at the moment, Sacred Bones (look out for any of their acts as they come through Berlin). Loud, brash and sweaty, frantic punk rock, noise punk, breakneck garage punk: The Men have been described as all of the above. So yeah, basically punk-ish. Their fearsome live shows have been described as explosive, frenetic, fizzing with vitality and true to the spirit of punk. If you’re into groups like The Replacements, the Buzzcocks or even Mark E Smith and Minor Threat, get your moshing shoes on and get down to White Trash (while keeping your fingers crossed that their muddy sound system does these guys justice).

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  1. News just in: the after party for Cheveu and Classic Muscle is at Fahimi Bar and is a joint after party shindig with King Khan & The Shrines. Alright!