Monday, 7 April 2014

Preview: the week ahead (7th to 13th Apr)

I have just had the shittiest week, I mean really, the full monty. Pall Jenkins made it all better last night (review coming up). The power of music. Here is how you can feel better or even better:

  • Laibach at Volksbühne: Wikipedia says “Laibach is a Slovenian and former Yugoslav avant-garde music group associated with industrial, martial, and neo-classical musical styles.” That’s weird and not for everybody. But there is a whole cult following to Laibach and their odd dance music. Curiosity alone should drag you out on a Monday night to witness this most unusual group and their surpringly catchy tunes. 

  • Teen Daze + Magic Island + Pony at Naherholung Sternchen: I don’t know about you, but to me Teen Daze sounds like a punk band. But they are not. Instead, they lull you in with ambient dance tunes and soft vocals. Sounds about right on a Tuesday night. This is one of your very last chances to party at Naherholung Sternchen, which will close its doors at the end of April and will be sadly missed in our gig calendar.

  • King Krule at Heimathafen: Looking at the musician, the music is kind of hard to believe. A skinny ginger teenager from the UK who sounds a little bit like Billy Bragg (actually a lot like Billy Bragg - and besides, Bragg is a fan) and has been compared to everyone from Leonard Cohen to Gil Scott-Heron to Johnny Marr. Yep, really. This gig is sold out but if the hype is to be believed - and there’s been a lot of it, King Krule, real name Archy Marshall, has been groomed for indie stardom for years now - it may be worth one’s while to stand outside and see if you can nab a spare ticket. 

  • Total Heels + Solemn League at Schokoladen: Firm Craze favourites Total Heels are delighting us with an early evening at Schokoladen (doors at 7). Let your hair down or grease it up, don your best dance shoes. Be there or be square, this is our gig of the week.

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