Sunday 23 February 2014

Preview: the week ahead (24th Feb - 2nd Mar)

Gary and I went for a walk today and saw snowdrops by the Landwehrkanal. Spring is around the corner. Can you feel it? If not, the gig calendar should give you a hint at the impending blooming season. That or the hayfever that has also started hitting me this week. A tradeoff I am happy to accept.

  • The Notwist at Heimathafen Neukölln: The Notwist have been around and busy since seemingly forever. If not as a whole band than at least in different projects and collaborations. They got well known for their catchy indie-electro and still can rely on a respectable fanbase. Now they play at Heimathafen Neukölln, which is quite a nice venue to present their new record.
  • TV Ghost and The Magnetix at Monarch: TV Ghost appeal to most people I would think. You like TOY? Tick. You like Joy Division? Tick. You like The KVB or Moon Duo? Tick. You like The Soft Moon? Tick. Tick. Tick. See this up and coming band in a small setting. Highly recommended.

  • Sajjra and Royal Tijuana at Das Hotel: Friends of experimental noise want to head to Mariannenstr. in Kreuzberg this Thursday, when Peruan experimental noise artist Chrs Galarreta will perform at Das Hotel. Not for the faint-hearted and a rare opportunity.

  • Speedy Ortiz and Jealousy Mountain Duo at Magnet: Speedy Ortiz are a band en mode. Grungy post-punk à la Hole and some earlier Kill Rock Stars catalogue, they are capturing folks with their honest sound and attitude. One to look out for.
  • Delta Love and Rico Repotente at Antje Öklesund: Berlin based psych-folk duo Delta Love are well worth a visit this Friday. And since we’re mentioning psych, support will be Rico Repotente, another Berlin band that plays “psychedelic swamp rock”.
  • Young Fathers, James Pant, and Jameszoo at Kantine am Berghain: Care for some hip hop this weekend? Check this out, Young Fathers released some stuff on Anticon in the US, a label that stands for ambitious and experimental music on a very high level. Also playing will be James Pants and Jameszoo, who both collaborated with renowned artists and musicians.

  • B/B/S at West Germany: We wrote about this newish Aidan Baker trio more than once (read one of our reviews), here they are again, playing at one of our favorite venues.
  • Of Montreal at Lido: The last time I saw Of Montreal, it was at Admiralspalast, in their “small” room, and the room was half-filled. The band was given their all, the performers that they are, but a half-empty room is a half-empty room. So imagine my joy when seeing them announced at Lido. This is going to be great. Quirky and wavy pop, a circus-worthy show, costumes and all, a party crowd. You are getting it all this Saturday. Hooray for Of Montreal!

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