Sunday, 16 February 2014

Preview: the week ahead (17th - 23rd Feb)

We are struggling. Yep. When I started The Craze, my employer had gone under and I was left refiguring out my life. Lots of friends passed through town and doing a little music guide for them seemed like a fun project, a good hobby, something to keep my mind off serious matters. Years later and the hobby, loved very much, has become a bit of a burden. Working full-time all week, there is little motivation to spend at least another 4 - 5 hours on the computer at the weekend. Updating the calendar, trailing through event invites and emails, coordinating competitions, writing the preview, posting reviews - all this takes a lot of time. If anybody feels like joining in for no gain but the fun of it, do drop us a line. All hands on deck!

  • The Garden and Fluffers at West Germany: The week rolls in with some seriously exciting stuff at West Germany. The Shears twins, aka The Garden, also known of Enjoy, produce rhythmic cool sounds for the move hungry. Yes, you can dance too, but mostly jumping around, running, just shaking it out of you comes to mind when listening to their energetic punk sounds. C*’s gig of the week. Come aplenty!

  • Frédéric Bourdil at Fahimi Bar: Next door, at Monarch owned Fahimi Bar, Frédéric Bourdil, not the actor but indeed Fredovitch of King Khan & The Shrines, is going to give a piano concert. This is going to be the kick-off evening of a regular Wednesday night bar event with piano music at Fahimi. Sounds swell.
  • Die Nerven at Monarch: German post-punk on Münster’s wonderful This Charming Man label, in a cosy setting, for you to rock out. Sweet Wednesday evening treat.

  • Dirty Fences and Love Lanes at Schokoladen: Dirty Fences are great fun to watch. I was under the impression we reviewed them for The Craze before but perhaps we were lazy and did not. If you like The Babies and other lo-fi pop-rock wonders of the sort, you will like Dirty Fences, easy as that. I reckon Schokoladen is the perfect venue for this. Meet you there after work on Thursday.

  • Tera Melos and Abrakadabra at Marie-Antoinette: You liked Die Nerven on Wednesday? This is the American equivalent so to say. Post-punk with quirky elements. Less noisy mind you. But very good fun. Dance away!

  • Fenster and Aloa Input at SchwuZ: It’s finally come - the day that Fenster bring out their new record. We are very excited, of course we are. Soon, our local starlets will travel to America to showcase at SXSW but before such endeavours, we will party with them the way one should. This Saturday. At SchuZ’s new Neukölln location. Yeah!

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