Sunday, 19 January 2014

Three Points Review: Damien Dubrovnik / Puce Mary / Sewer Election / Krube / Torba

I'm copying C*'s 3-Points-Review idea since I wanna write something quick and dirty about last night's show with Damien Dubrovnik, Puce Mary, Sewer Election, Krube, Torba at NK.

1. Five different experimental noise acts played, advertised as a night of crude live noise and dirty electroacoustic tape-music. Since I'm not the biggest fan of harsh noise walls I was pretty surprised how entertaining and unique every performance was. I didn't enjoy all but definitely had my fun.

2. NK's new wall between concert room and bar area is just super, either you wanna see the show or having a beer 'n chat without annoying everyone.

3. Puce Mary's performance was my favorite but I guess Damien Dubrovnik (with Loke of Lust For Youth fame) was the highlight for everyone else including on-stage-vomiting.

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