Monday, 6 January 2014

Preview: the week ahead (6th - 12th Jan)

Here we go. The holidays are over. Real life kicks back in. Depressing? A little. But good things are ahead. A Craze tea party #2 is due soon. And some real nice live music treats are hitting our town in the coming months. Watch out for a first What's In Store 2014 instalment next weekend. For now, here is our first preview of 2014.


  • Clara Luzia and Kitty Solaris at Privatclub - The Austrian Clara Luzia sits somewhere between French chanson and American indie rock à la Hole. Support by our Berlinian Kitty Solaris. 
  • The KVB, Barbara Morgenstern, Rummelsnuff and Faster Disco at SO36: Promoters Ich Bin Ein Berliner are celebrating 5 years existence and have got a nice international line-up for you and your dancing shoes ready at SO36. Especially The KVB in a deserved big club setting gets me excited.This is going to be a real good party. Let's face it, January is not known for good parties, so grab the opportunity when it presents itself.  


  • Caudal and Creatures at Monarch: Aidan Baker is a busy man with a lot of projects on the go - all of them receiving great reception. Caudal is another such project, the constellation here being a trio of Aidan Baker (guitar), Gareth Sweeney (bass), & Felipe Salazar (drums). Our most read post ever belongs to Aidan Baker and his project B/B/S - Caudal will make you as happy. 
  • Slut and And The Golden Choir at Lido: Early Slut releases were something like the European answer to The Smashing Pumpkins in the mid-90s, though Slut's albums were released half a decade later, they definitely appeal to the listeners of the afore-mentioned American group. They then went a bit Placebo and, to my mind, definitely lost some magic. Might still be good on a Sunday night if you find yourself stranded for something to do. And I get to share a video I am rather fond of:

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